North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for July 2017

By Trevor Hughes……

TRNC Property Rental Agreements

As you probably know, if you rent out your property, you must issue the tenant with a rental agreement and register it with the Tax office in Girne for taxation purposes.

The current rate of tax is 10% of the monthly rent times the number of months the agreement period lasts. You must register the agreement for renewal in March each year with the method of payment being either monthly, quarterly, six monthly, or annually, the choice is yours.

If you choose the annual payment method because it is more convenient and the tenant leaves the property before the automatic termination date, you will not be eligible for any pre-tax payment refund.

When you decide that renting out your property is no longer for you, can I strongly suggest that you complete the end of rent form and take it to the tax office for process. The cost to de-register the rental agreement is only 3 x 2TL stamps.

Failure to comply will mean the annual tax to be paid will keep accumulating and attracting interest until you do! When you come to sell your property, the fact you have not deregistered the rental agreement will hinder the successful sale of your property.

I know of one such person who had to pay £10,000 because the system was not followed.

To download a property tax declaration form, please click here.

TRNC Driving Licence Application/Renewal.

If you chose a third party to process your driving licence renewal, beware!!

They will offer you their service based on a faster completion time and you will save time, petrol and money which may appeal. Their charge for this service is around 60TL, well worth it you may think, but beware, I know of one person who was attracted by this service and decided to apply for a three-year renewal. Within two weeks their new licence duly arrived, but although paying the agent for a three-year licence the licence supplied was for two-years, but they had paid for a three-year licence plus the 60 TL.

Yet another TRNC scam???

Editors note:

Another member of our team renewed their driving licence this past week at Girne tax office and we noted the following licence charges.

  • 165TL : First year for a learner driver who has passed their driving test.
  • 240TL : 2 Year driving licence (This is the initial and only licence that expats can apply for.

Please note despite claims in the local press, at present when you apply for a TRNC licence you are required to show your nationality driving licence but you are not required to surrender it.

  • 325TL : 3 Year licence
  • 490TL : 5 year licence
  • 815TL: 10 year licence.
  • 240TL Student provisional driving licence issued in conjunction with driving school tuition.
  • 120TL : Cost of replacement for lost driving licence application made at the tax office.

When applying to renew your driving licence do remember to take:

  • Copy of your passport.
  • 2 approved sized pictures of you (with white background).
  • Payment by cash or credit card.
  • Old TRNC driving licence.

You will then be given a receipt which acts as a temporary driving licence and should be carried with you until the official driving licence is in your possession, which should be ready for collection in around 15 days from the application.

To download a driving licence application form, please click here.

UK Passport Renewal

Dagli Sigorta in Karaoğlanoğlu have asked me to remind you that they are only a collection point for DHL. They are not in a position to offer a document checking service and cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong with your application!

To make your application successful, take with you your application form (printed off when making the overseas application) two passport sized photographs of yourself (meeting the conditions laid down by the passport authorities) the old passport, 50 euro’s (only) and a suitably sized envelope with the address written on it of the office to which it is going.

This service is for passport renewal only.

Thank you in anticipation

Akin Motors in Girne

The above-named company has asked me to bring to your attention that if you are leaving the island on a permanent basis and need to sell your car, they would be pleased to offer you a good price if you wish to sell it to them. They are always on the lookout for good quality used cars, but you will need to go to their showroom (on the corner of the Bellapais traffic lights) for a valuation as they will not give a purchase price without firstly seeing the car.

Metahan Border Crossing

The opening hours for purchasing insurance to enable you to cross the border is as follows:

  • Mondays, closed
  • Tuesday – Sunday 0800 – 1430

Temporary Residents application

If you need to go over the border for whatever reason and your Temporary Residents application is in due process, you will not be allowed to cross the border without your passport, so make sure you have plenty of time to avoid difficulty.

Bayram Holidays

Thursday 20th July all Government Offices and Local Government Offices and Banks will be closed.

For any further information please email me through the contact box below.