December 6, 2023

By Trevor Hughes……

White Rear Number Plates

The fitting of white rear number plates to your vehicle is gathering momentum. The police Authorities here are encouraging their early fitment before it becomes mandatory.

In the next few months it will become compulsory to fit them, so early fitting is recommended before the local outlets catch on and start increasing the cost, which is currently 20 TL.

TRNC Driving Licence Proposals.

You may have read or heard recently, the Government have woken up and realised the amount of deaths and road traffic accidents on the TRNC road’s are way ahead of most other European countries (by head of population).

As a way of trying to address the situation, they are proposing that non-TRNC people living here, must apply for a TRNC driving licence after 90 days of staying here!! They obviously have not studied who by way of nationality, are the main culprits here. The reason for causing many of the road deaths and traffic infringements is the diabolical standard of driving and having no regard for anyone else on the road, whether it be fellow drivers and/or pedestrians. Driving at high speed, talking on their mobile phones whilst driving, applying make-up while driving, jumping traffic lights, none use of their rear view mirrors and no compliance to the Laws of the road are only a few reasons for the carnage on our roads.

In 2019 all expats living here for more than 90 days, must hold a valid TRNC driving licence, this has always been Law here which many expats have not adhered to. Upon application for a 5-year period (maximum) and for those over the age the 60 years must also have a medical examination to determine if they are fit enough to drive, before the TRNC licence is granted, and then the successful applicant must hand over to the Authorities their driving licence from where it has been obtained. How this will apply when you need to drive, say, in the UK when an emergency deems it necessary, I cannot comprehend. Can you trust the Authorities here to keep your licence safe and easily found for return when you most need it, beggars belief?

If you wish to drive on the Greek side you will only be allowed to by showing your non-TRNC licence to the border control (if you don’t have a Kimlik card).

The proposal is two years away and by judging how frequent things change here, their final proposal will look nothing like the proposals in their current thinking

If this does come into force in 2019, two or three months beforehand, I will apply for a 10-year TRNC driving licence and when that needs renewing I will apply to the DVLA for a new licence as mine has been lost, when the time  comes to hand over my UK licence to the Authorities here I will surrender the licence which I reported as lost.

Akin Motors

Akin Motors in Girne, are offering a free one year motor insurance package when purchasing one of their vehicles, from their showroom. This will go some way in reducing the ever-spiralling cost of running a car here in the TRNC.

They have also asked me to bring to your attention that the market is being flooded with second hand cars at extremely competitive prices. But as the old adage goes “if something is too good to be true, it generally is”. The reason for these competitive prices is due to hire car companies selling off their cars on to car dealers and then the dealer registers the car in their name, disguising the fact the car has been a hire car earlier in its former life.

When buying a car, ask to see the car’s log book and MOT certificate and this will give you all the information you need to ensure the car is the right one for you!   *Terms and conditions apply.

UK Import Tax

If you own a property in the UK, or use a UK postal address for what-ever reason and you are considering leaving the TRNC for good, taking back your furniture with you means you will be charged import  and VAT on the value of your furniture. This is because the Authorities there deem you as not having left the UK. Check with your carrier on the amount of duty you will be liable for, because the amount payable may not be cost effective!!

Bayram Holidays

  • Sunday 25th June
  • Monday 26th June
  • Tuesday 27th June

All Government, Local Government offices, Banks and some shops will be closed during this period.

For any further information please email me through the contact box below.



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  1. Oztunc at the start of the bypass ,charged 30 TL for both number plates last week and they fitted them! Yesterday my husband paid 35 TL for a rear number plate at the shop next to the O’ live bar!!! With no fitting , rip off,

    1. Thank you Elizabeth and as Trevor predicted, it pays to shop around so perhaps you need to tell you husband before he goes on future shopping trips.

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