Visiting the Arabahmet Quarter, North Nicosia, Cyprus (Oct 16, 2016)

By Chris Krzentz……..

In this documentary and video, I will be visiting the Arabahmet Quarter in the North Part of Nicosia, Cyprus.

This journey through this ancient part of the city was made on the 16th October 2016 at around 5.00pm when the bright sun of the day was cooling but still peering into some of the narrow streets through which we walked.

I started my journey in the back streets leading to Şht. Mehmet Hüseyin Sokak and on the way passed many dilapidated buildings needing renovation and then came by more old buildings many of them in the Ottoman style, which were being renovated, which was so nice to see..

We were now walking through an area I was very familiar with as this was where the Armenians lived many years ago and we walked down the narrow Victoria Street passing on the left what had once been an Armenian social club but is now the Lefkosa Cultural Centre and then as we walked on passing the Armenian Church and Monastery on the right hand side, which I had visited with some Armenian friends on a previous visit, and I will tell you more of this visit later in this article.

Reaching the end of the street we arrived in Zahra Sokak which is on the edge of the Venetian city walls and we turned right and continued on seeing the football stadium in the old city moat with Ledra Palace Hotel on the other side of the moat area. As we continued we saw many fine period houses facing  the city walls  and then we passed Çetinkaya Spor Kulubu which is in the old city bastion and then reaching the end of our journey I turned left out of the city wall and turned left again for my final walk down to the Ledra Palace crossing point from the north to the south of Nicosia.

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