November 29, 2022

Fikri Ataoglu, the TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment, is participating in the festival for the first time and will take his delegation to the UK tomorrow 4th May 2017 for this purpose.

Fikri Ataoglu, the TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment going to London

The festival, organized by “North Cyprus UK Limited”, supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, will be organized with the slogan “We are moving the TRNC to London” at “The Business Design Center” which is one of the most prestigious exhibition centres in London.

In the North Cyprus Festival, there will be participants from universities, banks, airline companies, construction and real estate companies, industrialists and healthcare  as well as tourism companies.

With the festival, it is possible to develop the tourism sector of the country steadily and rapidly by putting North Cyprus on the world tourism map as a  destination for tourism, nature, history and culture.

Ataoglu and his accompanying delegation will return to the island on Sunday evening, May 7, after completing their contacts in London.

1 thought on “The 1st North Cyprus Festival starts in London.

  1. This is wonderful but North Cyprus will now have to get the beaches and roads cleared of rubbish and on our site where tourists stay sewerage has been known to be pouring out of our non working sewerage plant. The developer lied to us as usual but it’s not nice for the tourist. Northern Cyprus is so beautiful – get it cleaned up, take down the thousands of derelict houses and you have paradise. But of course Iike the unification of the Island it’s just not going to happen.

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