December 4, 2023

By Trevor Hughes……

Old UK £5.00 and £10.00 Notes

From the 5th of this month (May 2017), old £5.00 notes will not be accepted when making purchases, or exchanging them into local currency. You have only until September this year, to cash them in at banks in the UK. Old £10.00 notes are also being phased out later this year, so watch this space!!

New TRNC  Vehicle Number plates

You may have noticed, number plates on hire vehicles have a white background on both front and rear number plates. This requirement is to become mandatory on all registered vehicles sometime soon. One or two people have already met the new requirement and have had them fitted.

Repatriation of deceased persons to the UK

Some people prefer to have the body of the deceased family taken back for burial or cremation in the UK. This arrangement also helps friends and relatives paying their last respects who may not be able to travel to the TRNC.

The usual method is via the body flying out from the South. Well here is an alternative! By contacting Niazi Gursoy 0n 0392 225 3917 -71 or e-mail her on you can speak to her and discuss your requirements which I am sure will meet your every need on the matter. The charge covers all the legal requirements and they are very professional and sympathetic.

This company was recommended to me because someone had the need of their services. The cost of flying the body from Ercan to Glasgow cost is £2.500 stg, which is less than taking the body though the Southern border and flying from Larnaca airport.

The big advantage is the Authorities in the UK do not need a post-mortem certificate unless foul play or suspicious causes of death are involved, unlike the authorities in the South.

TRNC Road Tax

Confusion is abound regarding whether you need to tax your vehicle, or not. There are many, many stories from every quarter of the TRNC, not least the Authorities themselves.

The release of information was somewhat ill conceived by them with little thought into how it was to be introduced.

Carry on as normal and tax your vehicle as before and wait for the next announcement.

Editors Note: One of our team needed to tax their vehicle and visited the Girne tax office and was informed by an English speaking official that they were awaiting full instructions regarding the change and suggested that the vehicle be taxed for just 6 months rather than one year which our team member did.

Bayram Holidays

Other than Monday 1st of May there is only one other public holiday this month which is the 19th of May. This is to commemorate the beginning of the Turkish War of Independence and the liberation of Anatolia and Istanbul by Atatürk.  Ceremonies are held all over Turkey and North Cyprus with the main focal point being military and civilian officials attending a ceremony at Anitkabir, which is the location of Atatürk’s mausoleum in Ankara.

On this day Government offices, local Government offices and Banks will be closed for the day

For any further information please email me through the contact box below.



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