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Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) receive donation

By Jayne Matter, Tulips Expat Cancer Support Worker ……

Richard and Lindsay Brown are siblings who share a very special bond. They were born on the same day 10 years apart! They recently celebrated their 40th and 30th birthdays respectively at the Fly Inn, Lapta.

Friends and family gathered for a party which included Rod Stewart and Blondie tribute acts. A great time was had by all and to top it off, Richard and Lindsay asked for donations to Tulips/KHYD in lieu of presents.

Thanks to the generosity of the party guests, patrons of the Fly Inn who were dining alongside the birthday festivities and a top up from Mum and Dad, the magnificent sum of 2000TL was raised. This will pay the wages of a senior oncology nurse for one month.

Tulips would like to thank Richard and Lindsay, and all the lovely people who donated, for this marvellous contribution towards the ongoing running costs of the charity.

We mustn’t forget Mum and Dad, stalwart Tulips supporters Jenny and Bill Brown. This lovely couple asked for donations to Tulips on their Ruby wedding anniversary a couple of years ago and continue to raise money for the charity at every opportunity.

Thank you to a lovely family from the bottom of our hearts.