December 6, 2023

Bob Geldof gives a concert in the TRNC despite Greek Cypriots’ efforts to prevent it

The 7th ‘Rock’n EMU’ music festival, which is organised every year by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Directorate of Social and Cultural Activities, took place on Friday 21 April at the EMU Stadium.

World famous Irish singer Bob Geldof and his legendary rock band The Boomtown Rats gave an unforgettable concert to an audience full of rock lovers, in a spine-tingling two-hour performance. The festival went ahead despite Greek Cypriot protests, with thousands of critical and sometimes abusive messages posted on Bob Gedolf’s social media accounts.

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün receives Mersin Journalists Association

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün received the Mersin Journalists Association. Speaking at the reception, Özgürgün stated that Mersin has been the TRNC’s gateway to the world for a long time, and noted that the only way to send mail to the TRNC is through the Mersin 10 Turkey postcode, due to longstanding embargoes. Özgürgün also emphasised that Mersin is very important for the TRNC both socially and commercially.

Ahmet Ünal, the President of the Mersin Journalists Association, said that they were invited to the TRNC by Girne American University and that during the visit they held several meetings. Ünal also stated that they are interested in getting an update on the Cyprus negotiation process and the Water Supply Project.

“Conference on Economic Developments and Expectations in the World, Turkey and the TRNC” to be held at the Final International University

The Final International University (FIU) will organise the “Conference on Economic Developments and Expectations in the World, Turkey and the TRNC”  with the cooperation of the TRNC Central Bank and the Cyprus Turkish Economic Association. The conference starts on Saturday 29th April with opening speeches from Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün and Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek. It will take place at the Academia Conference Hall at the Acapulco Resort Hotel.

Guests from the TRNC and Turkey will attend the event, which will be the third Economic conference held by the Final International University, after the conferences on  “Developments in the World Economy” and “Banking Developments in the World, Turkey and the TRNC” that took place in 2016. .

The “International Disaster Management Symposium” begins

The “International Disaster Management Symposium”, organised by the Presidency of Civil Defence Organization and the International Universities Search and Rescue Council, began at the Acapulco Resort Hotel in Kyrenia yesterday, 24th April.

The two-day symposium features 12 experts from the TRNC, Turkey, the United States and Nepal discussing the following issues: “Prevention of Disasters”, “Reduction of Harm”, “Precise, Rapid and Effective Intervention after the Disaster”, “Creation of Safe Living Environments for Affected Communities” and “Total Struggle Against Disasters”. During his opening remarks, Civil Defence Organization President Erdoğan Çelebi said that the aim of the event was to discuss how the community could be more resistant and prepared for natural disasters as well as the role of the government, civil society and academics. Çelebi also thanked all the people who contributed to the organisation of the symposium.

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  2. To all Greek Cypriot Protesters:GET A LIFE,GROW UP and LOOK FORWARD instead of BACKWARDS.You are supposed to be christians.If so then practice it:FORGIVE & FORGET

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