TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment organized a “Sapling for Every Tourist” event

The TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment organized a “Sapling for every tourist” activity in the scope of promotional activities for special interest tourism.

At the event held in Taşkent Nature Park, around 90 German tourists planted pine saplings in pre-excavated pits.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu opened the event and the director and staff of the Ministry were present. The staff of the park assisted tourists in planting saplings.

At the end of the event Minister Ataoglu, gave a certificate of participation to tourists planting saplings.

Taşkent Nature Park today will be able to follow the growth process of the saplings and follow up by e-mail with the email addresses given to them.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu said that they are working intensively to promote the country and culture in the statement he made to members of the press. He said that the events organized under the name of winter tourism in the country after many years welcomed tourists from different countries.

Remarking that tourists are participating in the orange harvest as part of their efforts to provide alternative activities, Ataoglu said that today’s event also aims to ensure that tourists who come to the country can plant a tree.

Ataoglu said today that tourists who plant trees will come back to the island to see the trees and talk about the beauty that they have experienced which will result in new tourists coming to the country.

Minister Ataoglu said that they observed that the tourists were extremely happy in these different alternative activities and they stated that they would join the artichoke harvest in Turkmenköy during the week and then they would join the Strawberry Festival in Yeşilırmak and collect strawberries with other tourists.

Ataoğlu stated that they aim to offer the experiences that tourists have not previously enjoyed with these kinds of activities and they also believe that they will contribute to an increase in the flow of tourists to the TRNC by telling people who live in different countries of the satisfaction they have experienced.