North Cyprus, Observatory to be built on Beşparmak Mountain

Observatory to be built on Beşparmak Mountain

A protocol was signed between the Directorate of Forestry of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Girne University entitled “Girne University, Beşparmak Observatory”.

Fikri Ağaoğlu, Minister of Tourism and Environment,  Altay Fırat, Director of the Forestry Department, and Rector of Girne University. Dr. Ilkay Salihoğlu signed  the protocol.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Rector Salihoglu noted that the project is aimed at the future of the country and said that they are proud to be taking the steps of creating an Observatory which can serve both scientific purposes and students and the public will be able to observe the sky.

Minister of Tourism and Environment Ataoğlu expressed excitement about this project of practice and research during his first visit to Girne University when he said that the country would have its first international Observatory.    The  University’s request for a location which, with the cooperation of the Forestry Department, has been concluded with the signing of the protocol.

Ataoğlu  said “Due to the geographic location of our country,  the sun sets in Cyprus earlier than European countries and America and we are creating in our country the first observations over other countries and these observations will be available to be used as reference by other Centres. Our country, and Girne University, will be more  recognisable with the construction of the Besparmak Observatory.  Joint projects with international institutions will lead to many scientists coming to our country and to the organisation of summer schools”.