September 25, 2022

By Meryem Özcilem …..

Along with the unique view of Girne, which is the tourist center of North Cyprus, with the beginning of the spring season you are in a position to go out and about and you may like to sit in a nice place and eat lunch. Indeed, there is a quite a choice of restaurants in Girne and Kıbrıs Evi is one of those restaurants where it is possible to enjoy traditional Cyprus cuisine.

The restaurant is located next to Girne Castle and has an historical view of the old harbour and maybe you would like to have lunch on the balcony with its perfect view of the sea.  You can enjoy delicious home made meals in Kıbrıs Evi which reflects exactly the traditional Cyprus kitchen cuisine.

Kıbrıs Evi emphasizes the importance of preservation and care with the freshness of the daily delicacies. They serve fresh food daily, including mezes with a maximum of 10 portions.

Prices are very reasonable and well within your budget.  You might like to eat a dish called “Kıbrıs Köftesi” (Cyprus Meatballs) or “Molehiya” (Cyprus Green Leaves with Lamb) at this excellent restaurant which is well worth a visit.

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The telephone number is 0392 815 89 00


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