TRNC will be a hub for alternative forms of tourism

TRNC will be a hub for alternative forms of tourism

Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu, who was the guest of honour at the opening ceremony of the World Health Sports Congress and Fair (HESTOUREX) in Antalya, has said that the TRNC is now feeling its effects in Health Tourism.

Ataoğlu said: “We are doing our utmost to promote varieties of alternative forms of tourism”.

Pointing out that that TRNC is a small country, Ataoğlu said that it has made significant progress in health and tourism. He said that the Government has provided reconstruction in the sector, and had made efforts to improve alternative forms of tourism, especially in health and sports, which provide significant income to the country.

He continued, “Because of the negativities in mass tourism as well as the economic and environmental factors parallel to the changes in tourism, we have turned to alternative forms of tourism prioritising personal demands. We are striving to promote our university hospitals, IVF centres, medical massage and spa treatments at hotels, as well as the country’s historical and touristic beauty spots at every opportunity.”

Minister Ataoğlu said that TRNC was promoted at the World Health Tourism Forum in Jordan in March, and that important meetings were held in order to develop bilateral cooperation. Stating that new agreements were signed with the representatives of various countries, Ataoğlu said that the necessary legal infrastructure works will be implemented soon in order to develop Health Tourism in the TRNC.

Stressing that the TRNC attaches great importance to health and sport tourism, Ataoğlu said that greater global engagement can only be possible with support of Turkey, and thanked Minister Çavuşoğlu for the organisation.

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