December 8, 2023

By Mary Watson……..
EFRAR Chair……..

There is something special about the Fletcher family.  Last year Kai, who was then 14, was awarded the Carrington Shield for his outstanding contribution to E.F.R.A.R.  He took part in both the 8k and 5k race and raised over 19,000TL for Tulips – Help Those with Cancer.

Kai Fletcher with the EFRAR 2006 award

His father Ian has always been a keen runner and this year he and Kai founded the Hat Trick Club with a determination to run all 3 races – the 8, 5 and 2 km on 9th April.  And …….it has become a family affair.  Ian’s wife Sharon, who has only recently started running, is doing the 5 km and youngest son Kade is running the 2km for the first time.  Together they hope to make a real difference to people suffering from cancer on the island.

They have also persuaded a few brave souls to join them.  Leo Collier Bett and Paul Jones have already signed up for the Hat Trick Club and Susie Forster, Vicky Fidd and Amy Sakarya will join Sharon in the 5km.

This year we have focused more on health – the importance of running or walking to keep fit and encourage others to do so. However, it is also about money.  With Tulips receiving requests from 3 new patients every day, and no support from the government, it is increasingly difficult to raise funds.

Kade, Ian, Sharon and Kai Fletcher of the Hat Trick Club


2 thoughts on “EFRAR 2017 and the Fletcher Hat Trick Club

  1. Thank you to the fabulous Fletcher family and to you, Chris and Margaret at Cyprusscene, for promoting E.F.R.A.R. and the importance of raising money for Tulips – Helping those with cancer. We really appreciate your support.

    1. Thank you Mary and here at and we are here to help those that seek our help which we can do in so many different ways

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