TRNC News – Denktaş: “negotiations can continue, yet no conclusion reached’’

Denktaş: “The negotiations can continue, yet no conclusion can be reached’’

The Deputy Prime Minister and DP Leader Serdar Denktaş has stated that the negotiations can continue out of habit, yet no conclusion can be reached in the current environment.

Writing on his social media, Serdar Denktaş said: “Sometimes foreign diplomats from abroad ask me how the Cyprus Problem has not been solved for 40 years. This has been a task assigned to the UN Secretary General since 1964. We are still trying to solve the problem in 2017 within the framework of that task.  I’m explaining to them. The Greek Cypriot side considered the rights granted to the Turkish Cypriots with the 1960 Agreement as too many because they saw us as a ‘minority’. They tried to force it back. The problems arose again when the Turkish Cypriots protested and said “This is our right.” It’s been years since then – we are now in 2017 and Anastasiades is expressing the same sentiment for the first time at the presidential level, saying, ‘It is unacceptable for the minority to claim as much.’ That’s the essence of the problem. In such an environment, you can continue the negotiations out of habit, but you will not get a result. “

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