Pizzanini Cafe/Bar, Catalkoy – a double celebration

By Margaret Sheard …..

We were invited to an event at Pizzanini in Çatalköy on 15th March, which turned out to be a double celebration.

Eddie Hollely had his 70th birthday on 9th March and his wife Maureen whisked him off to Famagusta to celebrate the big 70, so his friends decided to give a surprise party so they could all wish him a happy birthday.   16 people attended the party at Pizzanini in Catalkoy and enjoyed a chicken and chips supper and later Eddie was more than surprised when a lovely cake arrived to the strains of “happy birthday to you” from his friends.

It was a very nice evening with plenty of conversation and laughter.   Nidaı and his staff did well serving our large group and everyone enjoyed the meal.  As I am somewhat of a pain being vegetarian, I was very impressed that Nidaı found the time to make me a cheese and tomato omelette, which I really appreciated.

The second celebration was the fact that Pizzanini has just reopened after a 22 month absence.  The owner, Nidaı Özerk unfortunately lost his mother in 2015 and then a little while later he departed to London as his sister was seriously ill with cancer and she also passed away.  This had a profound effect on Nidaı but he has now overcome his grief and decided to reopen his business, which is next to Tempo in Çatalköy, so everyone was pleased to see him back.   Nidai originally opened his cafe/bar in 2006 and it became very popular during the following years.  He held a chicken party night every couple of weeks which was always well attended and he is hoping to do something similar during the summer months now that he has re-opened.

Nidaı has met a lovely lady, Sevgi, originally from Izmir and now living in Antalya, they are engaged and intend to be married in the near future.   Nidaı is happy not only to become a husband, as he will also become a father to Sevgi’s 2 children – her son, Burak 11 years of age, and daughter Emine 5 years old.

We are told that Pizzanini do excellent pizzas, jacket potatoes, chicken dishes and other light meals, all freshly cooked, and we sampled the lovely homemade coleslaw with the meal.

Pizzanini is open from 11am to 9pm in the winter and 11am to 11pm in the summer.

If you require any further information you can contact Nidai on 0533 862 9442.