December 4, 2023

By Margaret Sheard …..

We have received lovely news from KAR of a very welcome and unexpected donation of 1,300TL made via Multimax  The gift was brought to the KAR office by Rachel Milne, a representative from Multimax.

Rachel explained that a customer of theirs had cancelled their internet connection as they were leaving the TRNC.  Multimax had agreed (as per their policy) to refund the amount already paid for the unused part of the contract.  However it had not been possible to process the refund before the customer left the TRNC (as they had wanted to keep their internet connected right up to the time of their departure) and so it had been agreed that the refund money would be donated to a local Charity. KAR were the lucky beneficiaries.

The donated money will certainly be put to good use – there are a lot of KAR cats and dogs currently receiving veterinary treatment – it will help towards their veterinary bills.

From KAR and all of the cats and dogs a very big Thank You is extended to Multimax and their customer.


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