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Turkish Cypriot Artists, Semra Bayhanli and Sevcan Cerkez

By Chris Krzentz……..

chris-krzentzFor this article we have a different type of subject as I recorded a video interview with Turkish Cypriot twins, Semra Bayhanli and Sevcan Cerkez and my dear friend Tuncer Bagiskan, the Turkish Cypriot retired archaeologist helped me with translations where necessary.

Semra and her twin Sevcan were born in 1961.    Semra was deeply troubled by the past Cyprus problems and explained that she started to paint to express her feelings about humanity and she then showed us a number of paintings and described what she is trying to say though her paintings.

One of the paintings was of a partly clothed man and woman who were behind a curtain that was being opened and this painting was trying to express the  fact that if we remove religion and nationality then we can see the people as they really are and we really are all very similar people.

Semra talked about a number of other beautiful paintings in great detail and she described how she is trying to say through her paintings that if we can all free ourselves from the mantle of religion and nationality, then we are all the same and by using Love for each other, we can all make a difference to the future of the world and humanity.

Next we met Sevcan Cerkez in the garden of her home and she described as a child how she developed an interest in art,  using people as subjects and later without any formal art education she started to sculpture in clay and she showed us a lifelike figure of an elderly Cypriot lady sitting at a garden table. So lifelike was it that when I first arrived in the garden I noticed the figure and called out hello thinking it was a real person.

We then entered her house which was amazing as it had so many life sized clay figures around the rooms as well as smaller figurines which she showed us and talked about them and some of the characters were very impressive with a Sculpture of the first Vice President of the Republic of Cyprus, Dr Fazıl Küçük sitting and drinking a cup of coffee and a very impressive figure of a lady expressing “Freedom”.

Sevcan said “my goal is to reflect problems of Cyprus and my love for nature and humanity with my ceramics, all of which shaped my soul like a handful of mud since childhood”. You can read more of Sevcan and her work on her website by clicking here

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