Following my fall and stay in Kamiloğlu Hastanesi (KMC)

By Kathy Martin…

Wednesday 1st February evening at the Doğanköy Coffee Shop I fell onto a typical tiled floor, straight onto my back. Luckily did not hit my head, instincts? Several friends helped me to get up and I declined the offer to drive me home. However, once I got into my flat, spent a very uncomfortable night.

KAR House and Home always looking for donations

Once the morning came, I contacted my very good friend, Suzee Moore, and asked for her help to get to the Girne State hospital. The ambulance followed her to my flat and they carried me in their special chair to the ambulance and onto the hospital. Once there my back was x-rayed and luckily this confirmed no bones broken. Being a large lady probably helped!

Suzee went to the chemist and bought the prescribed muscle relaxant and painkillers, also she remembered that the KAR House and Home shop had recently received a zimmer frame, which she also bought for me.

The Doctor said that after 3-4 days I should be okay. There was NO CHARGE for this as, according to the orderly “we do not charge for accidents”.

In the meantime, Radio Angel from Radio Bayrak (aka Denise Phillips) had rung me, concerned not to have seen me acknowledge her morning radio show on the Facebook page! She recommended that I stay at the Pia Bella hotel, as they have an excellent reputation for helping disabled visitors. Suzee confirmed that her parents always stay there and are extremely well looked after.

Took a taxi to the Pia Bella (I had taken a small bag of overnight things from home, in case they would want me to stay in the hospital). Booked myself in for 4 nights and with great relief got into my room.

Unfortunately, the 3-4 day prediction fell short of reality. By Sunday 5th February having spent two nights dozing in a chair, as I was unable to get myself up from the bed, I was at my wits end! Having lunch at the Pia Bella with my good friend Sally and discussing what could I do next when Denise Phillips rang to check up on me.

Kamiloğlu Hastanesi – Photo thanks to Tarcan Ş. Kurç

Immediately on hearing the pain I was in, she said “I’m going to be bossy now and insist you go to the Kamiloğlu Hastanesi (Kyrenia Medical Centre)”. I had no idea where this was but Sally knew as her husband Mike, had spent time there. In no time I was in her car and at the hospital, where I was thoroughly x-rayed and also given a CT scan, both of which confirmed that there were no bones broken.

I was put into a bedroom, given a painkiller injection and had my first sleep for days!

From LtoR Ice pack on my head after unfortunate fall from my chair; My first walk with my stick, after using the zimmer frame for 3 weeks; before and after photos showing a reduction in the puffiness of my face; My beautiful nurse Zeynep Çiçek taken 25th February

The main concern for the doctors, Dr Kamil, Dr Burak and Dr Kalgay (orthopaedic surgeon) was the size of my legs, caused by water retention. Apparently, the medication I had been using for nearly three years was incorrect.

Over the next four weeks my general health improved and although my fall was extremely painful, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

My fabulous radio Angel, Denise, checked up on my progress every day! Often popping to see me after her morning shows. She arranged for her hairdresser, Mehmet, to come and cut my hair and Canan to come and give me a pedicure

Mehmet Derya Yıldız, hairdresser and pedicurist Canan bekir Karaoglan

Over the month, I was very lucky with my visitors – too many to mention them all! But have to share the photo of this beautiful bunch of wild flowers from Levent and Fevzi Osman.

As the time for me to go home got closer, I quickly realised I would need a bed with a frame to assist me to get up. Once again Denise came to my rescue and recommended Mermaid Fabrics in Çatalköy (made to order with orthopaedic mattress 1,500tl, approx £333) and Kerry Sullivan found a chair (450tl) far more suitable for me to relax in at home.

Bed from Mermaid Fabrics and Chair

One of the extra “things” I decided to do was a minor operation on my bladder to stop me having to get up so frequently at night, this was the use of Botox to assist decreasing the need to “go to the loo” all the time! This cost 4,000tl (just under £890 @4.50 lira to the pound).

My total stay cost me 18,850tl, including the botox operation, (just under £4,190 @4.50 lira to the pound). To assist me to keep an eye on my bill, I opted to pay every Monday for the previous week. Along with email communication with my bank, CreditWest, I was able to manage my funds very successfully.

I have no hesitation in recomending the Kamiloğlu Hastanesi aka Kyrenia Medical Centre (KMC).

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