Beware of Processionary Caterpillars in Cyprus Update

By Chris Elliott……..

It seems the issue of Processionary Caterpillars is of concern to many people as these creatures are dangerous to both man and beast and when we wrote an article “Beware of Processionary Caterpillars in Cyprus” click here, it received a very high rate of readings and comments wherever the article link was shared.

We also have received the following comment from Kim Farmer from Geroskipou on our article mentioned above.

“We have an infestation of them in Geroskipou. I phoned the municipality yesterday to tell them but this morning my husband took a photo of one. I am now in the process of emailing the municipality. Do you know if they will go and eradicate them? One of my dogs had a very lucky escape yesterday, he almost sniffed it. The grass around here has been left to grow to around 2 foot high. Guys came and strimmed the edges the other day so perhaps it has disturbed these horrible creatures. If you give me your email I will send you a photo. Thanks. Kim”

Making contact with Kim, she kindly sent us a photo with an update on the situation in Geroskipou.

“Hi Chris

Thank you for your reply. The Municipality called me today 09.03.17 to confirm the caterpillars I have seen are harmless ones.  They looked at the photo I sent to them and coupled with the fact there are no pine trees nearby, they said they are normal ‘March’ caterpillars.

Also, the caterpillars my Husband and I saw were ‘loners’ and not in a procession.  We did see the processionary ones last year and luckily enough my hunting dog must have realised the danger as she jumped right over them!

Many thanks and kind regards”

That’s good news from Kim but we would like to repeat the warning to our readers to watch out for and keep both yourself and your animals away from these dangerous creatures as seen in the video below and also tell your local authorities so they can take action.