Driving to Lapithos (Lapta) and Karavas (Alsancak) with Tuncer Bagiskan

By Chris Krzentz……..

chris-krzentzFor this article and video my dear friend Tuncer Bagiskan, the Turkish Cypriot retired archaeologist, drove me in his car from Lapithos (Lapta) to Karavas (Alsancak) and talked about Cyprus Heritage and showed me some fascinating places.

Our journey starts as we travel north from Nicosia/Lefkosa on the dual carriageway and Tunger talks about the Cyprus Neolithic period and caves associated with this  period.

Soon we climb up the mountain and as we reached the peak and start to descend we pass the turning on the left that leads to the famous Kyrenia Castle and very soon after the road twists and turns we see the sea and the town of Kyrenia/Girne below us.

By passing the town on a dual lane bypass, when we reach the end, we turn left and follow the coast road westward and then turn left and follow the road to Lapithos (Lapta) before making our way northward again to rejoin the coast road and travel back eastward past many hotels and soon as we drive through Karavas (Alsancak) we turn left and follow the signs to Camelot Beach which is on part of the old area where the ancient city of Lapithos once stood.

Turning back now towards the main road and just before we reach it, we turn left and follow a lane and when we reach the end we turn left again and follow the road northward towards the sea where we finally reach another area of the ancient city of Lapithos with many rock tombs and also the site of the old Mare Monte Hotel and its beach which I remembered from my childhood.

Please sit back and enjoy the video of our journey through many charming areas with both old and new buildings and if you like my videos, feel free to subscribe to my global YouTube channel click here and you can also find me by clicking on the following links FacebookChris Krzentz Presents, Cyprus Culture Group, Twitter, LinkedIn,

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  1. I enjoyed the drive through as I spent my childhood holidays in Lapta untıl 1963 as well Chris Krezentz. Thank you for the tour Tuncer Bağışkan and Chris.

  2. Thank you Sermen. I am glad you liked it. All of the credit goes to Tuncer. I wouldn’t have done all those videos all around Cyprus without him. Thank you again for the comment !!!