December 9, 2023

By Margaret Sheard …..

I have previously reproduced an article on about a new concept of wooden eco-houses which was courtesy of “Union” magazine  – (translated from the Russian – Soyuz magazine).  To read this article click here

We were pleased to hear that BXC Investment and Enterprises are now in the process of constructing their first eco-house and we went to Alsancak and met up with Kate Shavruk and Andrey Dolganov who took us to see how the build was progressing.

The house, which will initially be used as a show house is situated on a very large plot of land and the actual house is now up to the second storey.  The concept is so brilliantly put together, basically once permissions etc. have been granted and the house design has been finalised, the Siberian Pine house kit is then ordered from the factory in Russia where it is manufactured to the exact size to fit together on site, then shipped to North Cyprus via Mersin in Turkey where it is built up according to the specification.  The house being constructed at the moment is based on a previously completed design as can be seen below.


It was very interesting to see how everything slots together, rather like a jigsaw, and it was also interesting to note the way in which the foundations of the house are handled.    First a 50cm concrete base is laid on which there is a damp-proof course strip, then a larch wood base section – again with a damp-proof course strip.  Following this the Siberian Pine timber components are built on top of the larch base frame and these are locked together with steel locking rods with a sponge insulation between each section.   There will therefore be a constant flow of air beneath the actual house when it is completed.  This is a totally different concept from the usual North Cyprus properties which are constructed with concrete columns and block walls which tend to hold the summer heat and also the winter cold.   These wooden buildings are exactly the opposite, they are cool in summer and warm in winter, therefore being very energy efficient.

This will be the kitchen

While we were inspecting work so far we were standing on the concrete base and were told that there will be a rough wooden floor with a space beneath, then a further final floor, again with a space beneath for air circulation, pipes etc.

Having had a problem with termites in my own (concrete) property with damaged wooden door frames which needed replacing and treatment to prevent further infestation, the question was how about insects etc?   We were told that the Siberian Pine wood is seasoned and treated so they are totally insect proof prior to being shipped from Russia.  Then the planks are laminated into a 4-sandwich beam which becomes very stable and largely resistant to cracking and twisting and any form of movement.   The beams are then machined in the Russian factory to include joints, drillings so that they become individually part of the house kit.

Below are some examples of finished rooms and during construction.  What a transformation!




As the actual construction of these eco-houses is only 4-6 weeks, we cannot wait to visit again and see the finished property.

We were amazed to see the huge amount of wood which was stacked ready for the upper floor and roof and wondered how many lorry loads this originally involved to transport it to the site.

This is a wonderful concept to be able to have a house or bungalow built to your own design and erected on your chosen plot of land.  Of course the permissions and government authorisation will be the biggest hurdle and timing of this process is an unknown quantity but once this has been achieved and the design agreed, the construction time can be confirmed, i.e. order for house kit, shipping and transportation to the site followed by the construction of the building.

We are showing below plans of the lower and upper floors of the house currently being constructed which gives an idea of the type of layout which can be achieved.


For anyone interested in an eco-house or bungalow please contact BXC Investment on 0533 885 7689 or 0533 838 0785 or email   Kate and Andrey, both English speaking, will be pleased to assist with your enquiry.

The show house is now progressing and the second floor is being constructed.  It won’t be too long before the house is finally completed and we will be sure to go along to see the finished building.


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