TRNC News Review 2nd March 2017

Erdoğan calls on ECO members to increase solidarity with the TRNC, in the face of unjust international isolation

Addressing the General Assembly of the 13th Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Heads of State Summit in Islamabad, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on ECO members to increase their solidarity with the TRNC, which has been subjected to unjust international embargoes and isolation.


Erdoğan also proposed that the TRNC’s status within the organisation should be upgraded from observer to full member, and that it would be beneficial to encourage some of the Economic Cooperation Organization’s activities in the TRNC.

Akıncı had a telephone conversation with Tillerson

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stated that he appreciates the efforts to find a solution for a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal agreement, adding that the new US government is ready to provide its support.


Tillerson called President Mustafa Akıncı earlier this week, receiving a briefing on the Cyprus negotiations.  Tillerson stressed that a solution in Cyprus is important not only for the two societies in the island but for the entire region.

President Akıncı also received a thank you letter from former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who handed over his role to Rex Tillerson when the new US administration came to office. In his letter, Kerry stated that the leadership and vision President Akıncı has shown have contributed greatly to reaching the last stage of the negotiations in Cyprus, by holding a five-party conference.

President Akıncı also attended the lunch given by Pakistani Prime Minister Navaz Şerif, in honour of the leaders who attended the Economic Cooperation Organization Summit.

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  1. If most of the countries that are members of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) are Muslim Countries, why don’t they start recognizing the TRNC and trade with them? If they broke the Embargo, perhaps other countries would do the same. I wish the United Kingdom would break the Embargo and start direct flights etc. That would put the cat among the pigeons!! After all, we have voted to come out of the EU, why not lead the world in other ways.

  2. President Akinci should be recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize. (On his own!)