December 9, 2023

By Trevor Hughes……

Learning How to Drive in the TRNC

If you are going to learn to drive here for the first time, you will need to apply for a Provisional Driving Licence. Some driving schools are informing applicants that they need to take a minimum of 10 driving lessons to make their provisional licence application successful. TRNC Driving Licence imageThis is absolute nonsense and is a scam trying to get money out of you which is not necessary.

TRNC Driving Licence

Yet again there are alterations to the rules when making your first application for a TRNC driving licence. You can now apply for your first driving licence for periods of 2,3,5, or 10 years in duration.

New Opening Hours for Government Offices (Vehicle Registration)

The vehicle Registration office opening hours in Lefkosa are now Monday – Friday from 0800 – 12noon.

DHL Passport Renewal Service

Daglı Sigorta are now offering passport renewals though the DHL service from their offices in Karaoğlanoğlu. DHL charges are 8 euro cheaper than TNT.

For this service, we ask you to donate 10 TL which British passportgoes into the Tulips collection tin.

  • Travel Visa’s
  • Daglı Sigorta in Karaoğlanoğlu are now offering a Visa application service if you need to travel to a destination requiring them for entry purposes.
  • Translation Service
  • Daglı Sigorta can now offer you translations into 60 different languages, call into their offices for more detail.
  • Emergency Health Insurance Package
  • The recent emergency health packages launched last month by Daglı Sigorta have proved exceptionally popular with the expat community. We are currently investigating into seeing if we can extend the maximum age limit which will make these packages even more popular.

Clocks Go Forward, but not in the TRNCClock

The clocks go forward on March 26th 2017, but not in the TRNC. This should make it easier for you if you are flying from Larnaca Airport to gauge the time to leave for your travels and or collecting your visitors.

Bubble Wrap

Quite often I am asked if I know where to buy bubble wrap. Well now I have found a supplier, it is Sparks Yapi Market located on the coast road in Lapta, opposite Hoş Beş.

Bayram Holiday

There are no Bayram holidays this month.

For any further information please email me through the contact box below.



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