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By Chris Elliott…..

Today I have been putting the finishing touches to a presentation I will be making to a luncheon group soon about how and why cyprusscene started.

Basically I had the opportunity of writing for two North Cyprus newspapers in the past and I became frustrated with the knowledge that the newspapers could not tell me what articles had been read and by how many people if they published them and eventually wanting to be my own master, I graduated by creating a website which is non-commercial and has become the favourite reading of many people around the world which is so important as we can publish news about North Cyprus that others would not publish.

Cyprusscene is now almost 5 years old and we know how many people read our articles and where our readers live. Oddly the most highly all time read article is TRNC Post Codes which has had more than 45.000 readings.  The bulk of our readers are in the UK, Turkey, Cyprus, USA, Australia etc.

Now all of this came about through a lot of hard work and education and we thank all of our contributors who have shared their news and reveiws with us.


Today we received some great news that the much beloved newspaper “Cyprus Today” has gone on line with a website and Facebook page and we send them our warmest wishes for a successful future as they now have a lot of news and reviews to start publishing on the internet and will soon start to enjoy the same successes we have achieved.

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    • It is joolsdarling because now their new will travel the world but as thay will soon find out online news is through a very hungry machine that they will need to keep feeding if its to be succesful.

  1. Yes, you told me years ago that the future is online, I am sure you are right, however, many would miss the moment to lean back with a last cup of coffee and happily open the hard copy…Also, should there be power cuts or even worse, who will one day be knowing the job of manually making a newspaper? Perhaps I am old-fashioned but I brought up my sons to survive, that is to know the basics without any help from outside…. so keep hammer and chisel in your drawer, dear friend

    • Thank you Heidi and for Cyprus Today the hard work is only just starting as they try to flood the internet to get readings and followers on day one and by day 365 it will be a differnt picture of course.

      Strangely I do share your passion for traditional news methods and we do need an altenative newspaper like we need alternative internet news so if I find my childhood “John Bull printing outfit“, will you join me again in another adventure?

  2. Cyprusscene I have found a brilliant source if information about the TRNC

    I live in West Yorkshire with a property in Lapta which I visit frequently

    Thanks again got your efforts and info shared

  3. Some years ago I worked on the Cyprus Observer when owned by Freebirds and that was online … but when it was sold to GAU, that aspect of it disappeared … sad shame

    • Thank you Tony and it takes a special forward thinking group of people to go where others have not been before and what would the media be like now in Northern Cyprus if that internet initiative had continued.

    • Thank you Kathy, we should always share news and in this case that of the Cyprus Today online website and Facebook page and in the days ahead they will have to work very hard producing lots of new and reviews to keep their new readers happy.

  4. How times have changed…I wonder if I’m the only person who still has a copy of PAN magazine. Monthly publication that was our only source of information with Allan Cavinder RIP as a world weary tongue-in-cheek contributor and Pianist Arman Ratip was Editor. Just reading now from August 2000 ‘The Cyprus Problem in Four Easy Lessons’. Will scan and email if anyone wants. Jo Valentine

  5. The Cyprus Today online is a paid subscription service which I’m willing to pay a reasonable fee for. I already pay for 2 online national UK newspapers but, and this is a big BUT, £50 for one month and £100 for a year? Sorry, an amount too far. I think that was the same rate charged for sending the printed newspaper to the UK.

    • Wow Hector that sounds like a lot of money and for what?. Commercial online news media either have to make money through subscriptions or advertising or both. Good luck to them with their endeavours.

      Cyprusscene which is non commercial, is in its 5th year with 2,000 hits a day which is a bit different to upwards of 140 hits a day in its first year so anyone starting an online newspaper is running a tight ship in the first few months.

      Our volunteer writers may not be producing the volume of news and reviews that we would like but it still remains the preferred read of so many folk around the world and long may it continue

    • Hector, I’ve just been on the website and the prices I saw quoted are 50TL and 100TL, not sterling. That’d be £11 for a month at the current exchange rate.

      • Brian, when I go on to ‘Create an account’ and check the ‘Buy a package’ it’s still quoting 50 STG for one month & 100 STG for 12 months whatever country I state. It’s the same rate for Turkey & TRNC. Assuming the computer thinks I’m not in Turkey/TRNC, and not therefore (I assume) paying in TL, why is the rate so different for an online service? Why isn’t the rate the same (taking into account currency exchange)?

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