7th Hisarkoy Orchid Festival Update

By Margaret Sheard …

The 7th Hisarkoy Orchid Festival is taking place on the 4th and 5th March and we have now been provided with the programme for this 2-day event by Dervise Cobancik.

Saturday 4th Marchorchid-picture

10.00 Walk to the orchid area
13.00 Opening of the Festival
13.15 Speeches
13.30 Near East University Folk dance show
13.45 Çamlıbel Aysun İlkokulu Folk dance show
14.00 Tepebaşı İlkokulu Folk dance show
14.15 Değirmenlik Sanat Derneği Folk dance show
15.00 Grup Sefiller concert
16.30 Grup Saki concert


Sunday 5th Marchorchid-picture

09.00 Opening of the Stands
10.00 Walk to orchid area
12.00 Dans Fit Dans show
12.15 Nicosia Dans House Dans show
12.45 Dans Fit Dans Show
13.00 Dans Fit Kango Dans Show
13.30 Alayköy Folklor Derneği Dans Show
14.00 Alayköy Folklor Derneği Dans Show
15.15 Old Cypriot games for kids
15.00 Adamos – Yıltan Taşçı concert
16.00 Grup Different Concert

This is sure to be a festival well worth visiting with all of the entertainment which is being provided and of course the opportunity to see the wild orchids in their natural environment in the Hisarkoy area.

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