Walking through the Armenian Quarter of North Nicosia

By Chris Krzentz……..

This is my documentary about the Armenian Church and Monastery of Notre dame de Tyre, Victoria Street, andchris-krzentz the Armenian Quarter in the North Part of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Joining me are 6 Armenians as we re-visit the area and they guide us through the history and culture of the Armenians who lived in Cyprus in years gone by, and of the ones who lived on Victoria Street.

Meeting my new Armenia Friends we started our walk at the rear of the monastery complex and walked down the narrow Victoria Street passing on the left what had once been an Armenian social club. Continuing our walk we then entered the grounds of the monastery through a gateway on the right and then we saw on the left the Armenian school and then went into the church on the right of the garden area which brought back so many emotional memories to my friends.

We then came out of the monastery grounds again into Victoria Street where my friends showed me many of the fascinating buildings in the streets and side streets in which they and their friends lived so many years ago.


Left to Right Aras Karabalyan, Elias Konyalian, Chris Krzentz, Ara Anmahouni, Shake Bogosian Anmahouni, Mihran Kuzuyan

This video was filmed in North Nicosia, Cyprus on Friday, October 21, 2016 and is forty one minutes long and has lots of discussions and interesting places.

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  1. Interesting video, as usual, Chris thanks. My family lived in Tanzimat and Mahmut Paşa Streets in Nicosia that straddle the areas you talk about between 1962-1980. I do remember some Armenıan neighbors we had before 1963!

  2. Thank you Sermen. Your family is very well known throughout the island, and I feel honored that you liked the video. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Sermen, my family (Shahinian) had a complex opposite the french church in the armenian sector of Nicosia. Is it possible for me as an American to visit the site? They left Cyprus in the early 1900s but much of the rest of the family remained.

  4. As long as the area you are referring to is not in the buffer zone, it is possible to visit it.