TRNC, get off that mobile phone while driving!

By Chris Elliott…..

Not a day goes by here in the TRNC, when you do not see a car passing by with the driver talking on their mobile phone which they are holding to their ear.

Now are they in full control of the vehicle and considering the safety of other road users or pedestrians.

The answer is Nooooooooo and it’s about time these selfish people are reported or stopped by the police and punished for the crime they are committing. Can you imagine being stopped in the TRNC for using your mobile phone whilst driving and being fined around 940TL or worse still, having your phone confiscated for a defined period. Then perhaps the idiot brigade will start to act responsibly when driving their vehicles.

Just look what’s going on in the UK.

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Yesterday 23.01.17 at 11:33

“From March 1st 2017 If you’re caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel, you will receive a £200 fine and 6 points on your licence.”


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  1. All good, life-saving points, but to succeed they require a sense of public duty, and proper law enforcement…….as well as a fully-functioning CCTV system , probably.

    • Thank you John for your comments from afar, but to get a feel for what is happening here in North Cyprus and what the potential for initiatives are, you have to live here and be committed to helping the community.

      Do keep watching news and God Willing, we may be able to record some good news of Road Safety in the future.