By Chris Elliott….

I have just received a reminder being circulated by Kyrenia Animal Rescue that it is time to make an annual registration of your dog and we would also like to remind our local readers that all dogs should be microchipped and unless this is done a licence cannot be obtained. For more information from KAR please click here

You will only then be required to register annually at your local Belediyesi department. This should be done every January aDog Happy -KARs your registration runs from January to December each year but don’t forget your dog needs to have been microchipped..

Take your dog’s Vet card and the card showing the Microchip details to your local Belediye office which will complete the registration. If you have a female dog that is neutered check that it is clearly written in the Vet book and point it out as it makes a big difference to the charges.

You will be given a receipt and you should be given a numbered tag for your dog to wear. Not all local authorities may give this identity disc so please ask for one – it is the current law for your dog to wear one!

If you have not renewed your dog’s registration or are waiting for news of the local Ecconococus testing to be announced then you are not covered by the law and your dog is at risk.

North Cyprus Dog Microchipping

We have written a number of articles about the legal  requireMicro chip is insertedment to have your dog(s) micro chipped and registered with the TRNC Veterinary Department.

It is not possible to register a dog without first visiting your local vet who will micro chip your dog and forward a TRNC registration form and it should be noted by readers, that when taking their dogs for the fitting of the chip, they should produce either their Passport or Kimlik card as the dog is registered to them rather like registering a car. You are the keeper and have a responsibility for your dog.

The rThe micro chip is workingregistration document will now be sent to the main Veterinary Department in Lefkosa which is processing registrations and then the individual Dog Identity cards will be returned to the Vet in around 4 weeks. So you need to maintain contact with your vet and then  collect the card and take this to your local Belediyesi to have your dog registered with them and collect an identity disc for him or her to wear on their collar.

Naturally if your dog has been micro chipped then you need to ensure it has had the necessary injections and take your pet’s health passport along to your local Municipality office to have the registration renewed for 2017.