Chrysokava the Cave of Gold in Kyrenia, Parts 1 and 2

By Chris Krzentz……..

I am showing in this article two of chris-krzentzfive videos that I filmed in Chrysokava (Cave of Gold), in Kyrenia, Cyprus with Turkish Cypriot Retired Archaeologist, and Cyprus Culture group member, Tuncer Huseyin Bagiskan.

The Romans used this area 2000 years ago, initially as a cemetery, and then as a good place for them to quarry the limestone for their buildings, and to construct the harbour and the castle.

The Roman, Byzantine, Lusignan, and Venetian castles in Cyprus, were all built with stone from these quarries.  In these videos I am showing the quarry and beach areas of Chrysokava. (Filmed in Kyrenia, on Oct 24, 2016)


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