Birthday celebration for Richard Chamberlain at I Belli Restaurant, Girne

By Margaret Sheard …..

There was a surprise for Richard Chamberlain when he arrived at I Belli Restaurant in Girne on Friday 20th January to find a group of people waiting to help him celebrate his 82nd birthday. Richard came with his partner, Weng, and he said they were also celebrating that it was 8 months since they met.  Among the group was Richard’s daughter Lynne, her husband Chris with Richard’s “favourite grand-daughter” – Isabella, together with some of his neighbours and friends.


Many people know Richard from his photography which has been published as 2 very nice books, the first was “Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954” which has now been reprinted as a very nice quality book.  This was followed by “Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954/55 and sixty years later in 2014”.   cyprus-scenes-book-coverThis book is also in the process of being reprinted in a much better format and will be available soon.  Richard is receiving the expertise and advice of Sami Uğur with these projects and Sami was also present at the birthday celebration.

If you are interested in obtaining one or both of Richard’s books please contact him on 0533 859 7663.

We have known Richard for some years and have attended exhibitions of his wide range of photographs, book-signings and have promoted his work whenever we could.   He has been a regular visitor to North Cyprus and always wanted to move here so after the sad death of his wife, Vivian, he decided to take the plunge and he moved to Ozankoy some 18 months ago, bringing with him his 9 year old Doberman dog – Jet.  He said he could not leave him behind after being his friend and companion for all those years.

We all sat down at a long table and soon the starters arrived followed by the main course.  There was quite a variety of different dishes as we had all made our choices from the menu.   The service was excellent and we all enjoyed our meals.


Later a large birthday cake arrived, luckily not with 82 candles! but the numbers 28 each with a candle which Richard promptly reversed to read 82 saying “if only”.    We all had a piece of cake which was delicious and some even had seconds, followed by coffee for those that wanted it.

It was a lovely evening and we wish Richard many more to come and his continued success with his books of yesteryear Cyprus photographs.

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  1. Hi Dell Boy, you will who this is from? will you not, by the way no need to lie about you age by my reckoning its 92. Any way old friend I am glad you had a good one. Congratulations sunshine see you in another life time. Cheers Buddy Bob.