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Christmas Card(less) Fundraiser for Tulips

Tulips Christmas round-up

Tulips Christmas cardless thanks!

We would like to thank the Crow’s Nest for coming up with the idea of a Christmas Cardless Fundraiser in aid of Tulips/HTWCA

The Crow's Nest

The Crow’s Nest

The aim was for people to write their seasonal greetings to their neighbours and friends on a large card in the Crow’s Nest instead of sending out individual cards to everyone, they then had to make a contributions to Tulips based on the money they had saved by not sending out individual cards.

The Crow’s Nest raised a fantastic 643.50TL!


The Sh-Boom Bar

The Sh-Boom Bar took on board the idea from the Crow’s Nest and their charitable donations came to 543.50TL plus 5.10 Euros!

We think that this was a great idea and would like to thank both businesses and their patrons for all their generous contributions.

Many thanks
Sue and Carole