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Car Treasure Hunt for E.F.R.A.R. 2017

E.F.R.A.R. 2017

EFRAR and TulipsRaising money for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer)

By Sue Steel…

This year’s Car Treasure Hunt for E.F.R.A.R. 2017 in support of Tulips – Help Those With Cancer was the most challenging yet.

Stevie and Linda Stockwell of Stevie's Restaurant

Stevie and Linda Stockwell of Stevie’s Restaurant

It began and ended at Stevie’s Bar in Küçük Erenköy and 14 cars set off at different intervals to spend at least a couple of hours (some considerably more) driving round local villages, solving clues and collecting “treasures” on the way.  And it wasn’t easy.

First, you had to find the start line – around 12k away – and then identify the clues which would start you on your journey totalling just over 30km.  The big points depended on being able to work out obscure anagrams and finding the Australian owner of the right restaurant in Gecitkale, asking him the right question and then bringing back the lollipop he gave you.  Add three more short quizzes to the four pages of clues and you had the sort of afternoon that made you really appreciate a delicious Sunday lunch at Stevie’s when you finally returned.


Trophies and raffle prizes

Charging 50TL per car, a generous donation from Stevie from the food and the proceeds of the raffle, the event raised 1,351 TL


The winning team, with Mary Watson were Jayne Bee, Robert Astley, Karen Hills and Cheryl Thompson.

The winning team, with a score of 131 out of a possible 136 points were Jayne Bee, Robert Astley, Karen Hills and Cheryl Thompson. Their names will be displayed on the annual trophy but each of them was presented with an individual miniature cup by Mary Watson, Chairperson of EFRAR 2017, after the lunch

Second place went to Roy Haskett, Julie Haskett, Linda Terheege and Gwyneth Burn.

Mary Watson said: “It was a great afternoon, very challenging but very enjoyable and our thanks go to Brian Hills for organising the event, Stevie and Linda Stockwell for the lunch and to all the participants who braved the inclement weather to raise so much money.