What dangers does Turkey face from terrorists?

Mehmet Nesip Ogun on Istanbul’s nightclub attack


By Chris Elliott……

Living in Northern Cyprus for many years, I believe I have learned a lot about the truth of the Cyprus problem that the world does not know or even wants to know.


Mehmet Nesip Ogun

Looking across the sea from North Cyprus we can see Turkey but what do I or others really know or care about the problems they are facing today with ongoing terrorist attacks and how different are they to similar attacks that other countries have suffered.

A few days ago I came across an excellent TRT World video as below on Youtube in which Mehmet Nesip Ogun who is Turkish and a Professor of Security Studies in Columbia University in the City of New York, talks about the different problems that Turkey faces when compared to other countries that are also suffering from terrorist attacks.

We have spoken to Professor Ogun and this is what he had to say:

“It is very sad and unfortunate that we have witnessed another inhumane violent terror attack on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul. Daesh claimed the terror attack. Nevertheless, before they claim the attack, pro-Daesh social media and Internet accounts glorified the Istanbul attack.

Turkey is currently under heavy terror attacks and terror campaigns by several terrorist organizations. grief-following-istanbul-terrorist-attackNamely, PKK, FETO, Daesh and DHKP-C. Turkey has a long history with PKK terrorist organization which aims to establish a Marxist Leninist independent Kurdish state in the territories of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. They have sub organizations under the establishment of KCK (Koma Civaken Kurdistan, so called Democratic Communities of Kurdistan) such as PYD (Partîya Yekîtî ya Demokratîk) (The Democratic Union Party) in Syria.  

FETO is another terrorist organization that is trying to seize the government. After the failed coup attempt by FETO on July 15, 2016, FETO is aggressively looking out for an opportunity to perform another terror act. It was again very unfortunate that a FETO terrorist organization member assassinated the Russian Ambassador at the art gallery in Ankara.

Daesh is another terrorist organization that Turkey is fighting very daesheffectively. When we ask ourselves why Daesh is attacking Turkey so fiercely, we can tell mainly two reasons. Recruitment is very important for terrorist organizations. After Daesh’s leader terrorist Bagdadi’s invitation to join Daesh in Syria and Iraq, so many radicals around the World fled to Syria and Iraq. Those people are called Foreign Terrorist Fighters which was defined in UNSC 2178. Turkey cut this cord. Besides, Turkey started European Shield operation in August 2016. Turkey liberated many cities in Syria and is currently fighting with Daesh in El-Bap.

In conclusion, Turkey is a very important country in the region with her hard and soft power, with her unique culture. Turkey is a very strong member of NATO, has a very strong economy, and strong enough to overcome those difficulties.”


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