KIBTEK customer service SMS and email messages

By Margaret Sheard…..

No doubt many people will have received an SMS message from Kibtek and for those of us who do not speak or understand Turkish, we are giving below a Google translation of the message.   It is not good but generally gives information for customers which we would think has to be a step in the right direction.  The message includes a telephone number, website and email address

I have visited the website and after translating to English found it to be quite helpful with news updates and information about power cuts and a frequently asked questions section.  There is also a list of the negotiated banks where bills can be paid, together with the opening hours of the payment points throughout the TRNC and this can be viewed by clicking here

The SMS message read as follows:

“Tuketicimiz, Kibtek hesaplarinizi mobil uygulamamiz ve web hizmetimiz ile takip edebilir, odemelerinizi an kolaylikla yapabilirsiniz.  IOS ve Android Kibtek mobil”

Google translation:

Our client can follow your Kibtek accounts with our mobile application and web service, you can make your rooms instantly. IOS and Android Kibtek mobile.kibtek-logo

Phone: 0392 6000 960




Later an email was received in both Turkish and English.  Well done Kibtek for keeping your customers updated.   We often hear adverse comments about customer service in general in North Cyprus but here is an example of forward thinking as we are currently finding with many more leading companies and organisations.

“Online Operations and Payments are live.   In order to provide a better service to our consumers, Authority has established the information review and payment transaction services through our website and mobile applications.

Mobile phoneKibtek Mobile applications can be downloaded from PLAY STORE and APP STORE with the language options of; Turkish and English. The application is able to provide your consumer information, periodic payment information, periodic billing information, meter information and online payment methods.

In order to use KIBTEK Mobile application, your ID card number and Phone number is required to be registered on our customer database. If your phone number is registered and your ID number is missing, you will be able to use your 14 digits customer number. (Customer No: 01xxxxxxxxxxxx , 02xxxxxxxxxxxx, 03xxxxxxxxxxxx , 04xxxxxxxxxxxx , 05xxxxxxxxxxxx ).

You can do the same operations through our website

In the cases of any misunderstanding or problem, you can send your questions to You, on the other hand; can call our call center on 0392 6000960.”



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  1. Great development, but haven’t been able to find the app to download, and on visiting the website, couldn’t find anywhere to translate it into English!

    • Hello Janina,

      If you are using a PC and Google Chrome just right click your mouse button and select translate the page and you can then change from the Turkish default page to English.

      The website design seems to have tabs both for translation and apps but these are not working so we will forward a message to KIBTEK.

      If you need any more information from them, you can call 0392 6000 960

  2. Selam i would like to ask about sub meter.our house honour always say zam geldi. And we have to pay 0.75 kursh for one unit. Is it all right . They also said we have to pay tax. I know they are right.

    • Hello Jja,

      As we are not experts on KIBTEK issues we suggest you contact them direct on the following :

      TEL: (+90 392) 228 55 55 – 6000900
      FAX: (+90392) 228 38 51