January 27, 2023

KAR header logoKAR Pet Travel have received an email and full complaint (including the threat of sanctions and future refusal to accept pets) from the Official Vet based at Hanover Airport Germany about a dog that arrived at Hanover Airport from TRNC recently.

The Vet had assumed, incorrectly, that KAR Pet Travel had completed the Export/Import Paperwork for the dog. The Export/Import paperwork had been completed totally INCORRECTLY by another Animal Organisation here in TRNC.

The mistakes on the paperwork were varied and were so serious that effectively they were sufficient for the Hanoverian Vet to refuse EU entry for the dog.

However, because they felt so sorry for the owner, they decided, on this one-off occasion, to allow entry, but to carry out a full investigation and complaint with a view to imposing future sanctions.

I (Kim Betts) have spoken to the Hanoverian Vet to explain that KAR Pet Travel have not, nor would they EVER, send a pet with such an APPALLING set of paperwork.

We have a reputation to upkeep that we have worked hard and long for and we CARE about the pets that we export.

KAR Pet Travel are working with the authorities in Germany, so that their complaint, and potential financial penalties, is put against the other Animal Organisation – who are solely responsible and have, inadvertently, brought into disrepute the name of KAR Pet Travel.

This particular case is a very good example of the very real threat that is in place, from all EU Member States including UK, for ALL pet travel from TRNC to stop, if such disregards of all of the EU Pet Travel laws continue.

The rules and regulations regarding pet travel from TRNC into EU/UK are varied and are not just regulations about correct paperwork – they also include such areas of ownership, rescue, re-homing, owner/pet movement as well as the veterinary process.

The sanctions for breaches can be very severe on the owner and also the persons responsible for helping to send animals into EU/UK who do not comply fully with the law – but, ultimately they could be extremely severe on the whole of TRNC pet movement in terms of the export of pets and would affect all pet owners wanting or needing to relocate their pets.

Kar logoThank you
Kim Betts

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