By Chris Elliott……..

Today was a grey, cold, wet and a very gloomy day and here  we are in our office preparing to publish a number of cyprusscene articles when there were a couple of earth shattering loud booms flightning-strikesollowed by flashes of lightning outside our home and that was it, the internet went off line.

We all have learned grudgingly to live with spasmodic  internet failures for which the cause can be many and varied so we thought what is going to happen now?

In a very short space of time we received an SMS message from Multimax our ISP, telling us and no doubt, many other customers, the following:

“We are currently experiencing a problems due to a lightning strike at the Girne Telecommunications office.

We have been informed that engineers are currently working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.”

Well done to Multimax for keeping your customers informed when there is a major problem which is very good customer service and we were pleased to be back on line and publishing in around one and a half hours..