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Claire asked that all of you who think of Bob today (16th December 2016) to write your comment on her page about your favourite memory of Bob? Be it a funny experience (and I’m sure there are plenty of them!) or an example of his kindness, whatever your memory is please share so we can all smile as we remember this crazy, fun loving, kind and caring man!

Billy Stirling Fitting a roof to a small shack in Arapkoy that he had arranged to do with volunteers for a local family. Always helping someone RIP BOB x

Art Watson Will never forget his enthusiasm and commitment in helping the Special Needs Children at the school in Ziyamet. We had loads of fun hand painting the wall … RIP Bob

bob-lamb-10-12-16-1Carole King Holding court at your stall at Catalkoy, playing that crazy guitar and charging for kisses all for charity. Crazy, happy, kind and caring man. RIP Bob, you will be missed. Xxxxxx

Ali-Kathy Martin Sitting in the sun at the Çatalköy market and chatting on Saturday 12th November 2016! Also, when we first met at the Happy Valley how I insulted Bob by asking which part of Australia he was from and his wonderful way of explaining that he was NOT an Australian, but from New Zealand and proud of it! You will be missed by all of us lucky enough to have heard you laugh! RIP xx

Sue Steel Having lunch with you, Bob, Eileen, Ian (RIP), Gloria and Roy and Bob holding court with tales of adventure and always that huge laugh. RIP Bob.

Tara Lowe Unique, colourful and strong. I love his humour and stories, my favourite is still when he flew your mum back to the UK and they got delayed in Larnaca! Xxxx


Beverley Loftus Bob … We had so many laughs when I came to Cyprus but the one thing I will always remember you for is SAUSAGE … when we arrived that night and a little scruffy stray dog wouldn’t go out of the garden … I was told by my husband NOT to feed it … The next morning when I got up Tony was in the garden giving this little dog MY breakfast … yes my sausage … he brought her in, bathed her, fed her and took her everywhere for two weeks … and by the time we had to head back to the UK he was distraught, how could he leave this little dog that he’d grown to love so much … and that’s when you and Claire stepped in and said you would take her in … and look at her now Sausage sealed our friendship … oh, there is another reason I will always remember you Bob and that’s the UNDERPANTS in my mother’s bed but that story can wait … Sleep well Bob xxxxxxx

Layla Campbell Ah Bob, such a beautiful soul, one of my fondest memories that always makes me laugh is of Bob teaching me how to eat prawns with heads on!!! Rest in peace dear Bob xxxx

Kel Bond I remember when I was on the deli and he had a pack of four buns in his hand and pretended to throw them at me, and I said “you wouldn’t dare” so he did he threw the pack over the deli it missed me and landed in the sink, so I picked them up and threw them back at him.  OMG I was ill laughing! No matter what mood I was in, after 10 minutes of speaking to Bob, I would be ill laughing. To Bob, if you are up there listening, then please do me a favour, my mam is up there somewhere, find her and behave to her the way you did with me, you had a larger than life personality which will never be replaced, rest in peace Bob, you are sorely missed, love ya xxx

Lesley Barnfather Every time I think about Bob I smile to pick one is so hard, his singing of Delilah at your leaving party, the night at your house when we drank just about everything you had made, his addictive laugh!!!!! But my favorite has to be the last night you were in England and at one point I thought we might have been thrown out of that hotel. Bob was and still is a larger than life character it is a pleasure to be able to say, “Bob Lamb yes he was my friend” rest in peace Bob my friend x

Julia Carter Oh Lesley That Is Just So Lovely n I Can Tell HeartFelt xxx

Carol James Hope all goes well today both of us will remember Bob in many ways lots of love Carol & Barry xx

bob-on-the-beachWendy Gordon How can you pick just one; his laugh, his huffing and puffing when he got stressed, lilo wars, bobbing in the sea at “my beach”, but the one thing I remember most ………. that bloody 300 year old sun hat … Sleep tight wor Bob xxx

Margaretha Linden With a smile on his lips and his love for the dogs

Eileen Cox Strapping down the pagoda on our upstairs patio, on my first “coptic” wind!!! Trying to hold it down at the same time as trying to tie the strap … Pushing that wheelbarrow through Kulazis estate, big grin, Couldn’t stop giggling!!!! Bye Bob, you will be missed … Rest now, overlooking us all xxxx

Mirza Khalid Shahzad You are right Claire he was always full of fun and smile  x Can’t believe he is away … Loved him whenever saw him … Always was good laugh with him from food to cricket .

Angie Scott On my wedding day at the part “does anyone know any cause or just impediment, why these two can’t get married” there was a big Bob cough followed by a giggle xxx

Rachel King Our thoughts as with you today … when you saw Uncle Bob … you always knew there would be a laugh and a couple of swear words thrown in for good measure which made me as a kid giggle even more!!! … thanks Bob xx

Diane Routledge That infectious laugh of his xx

Anna-Maria Pinder Hope everything goes well today we love you xx

Tracey Green We have so many happy memories of Bob, he always knew how to make you laugh, his stories were amazing & so interesting to listen to, he was a generous soul who thought of everyone else first, we could never thank Bob & Claire enough for how much they looked after our mum (Pauline ) they supported her though everything & when we lost her they were there for us every step of the way and gave us so much support, it has been an honour to become friends with such an amazing funny & caring man as Bob, it will be a huge lost to us all but a massive gain to all his family & friends in heaven. RIP Bob xx

Jill Paul Frank Good bye Bob I have very happy memories of this kind funny man All the luck in the world to you Claire hope all goes well to day lots of love xx

Ashley Bell Singing Delilah on the karaoke, so much fun!! Rest peacefully Bob xxx

Martyn Warren A selfless person. Always asking after the welfare of others

Alison Shrapnell We only met Bob once but we will remember the wonderful stories he told us. Hope everything goes to plan Claire. We’ll be thinking of you.

Hasan Tosun Çok iyi birinsandi çokiyibir arkadaşdi çoküzüldüm (Translation “He was a very good friend and a friend of mine”).

Dasha Denisova I saw Bob only few times but always remember him making funny jokes about Russian ladies, their beauty and manners 🙂 I was adoring how much in harmony a couple can live when watching you here, over the Facebook. RIP Bob X

Karen Lain From the moment I met you both you bowled me over with your positive energy. Bob made me smile just to look at him and when I’d pull up at Saturday market he would rush over with something he thought would be useful for my doggies, before I could get out the car my only regret is I wish I had met him earlier it seems a short time that I have known you both, yet also a lifetime xxx

Jo Jones R .I. P Bob , always had a smile or a funny quip to say xx

Angella Dare My Darling, I wish I had the opportunity to have met Bob. But as your friend, I am very happy to know his wife, so, by proxy I feel that I had met him. You and Bob are effervescent, I don’t expect for one moment that you will ever lose your sense joy, he wouldn’t let you. The spirit of Bob lives through you, therefore he will remain alive as long as you are here. There will be tears, but I pray that your tears of sadness will turn into tears of joy as you will have memories of reminiscence when you were together as one xxxxx

Gail Quelch Been thinking of you all day XXX We have so many memories of our mare Bob, we could write a book, but the two most memorable are being collected at the airport, the first instance was, Bob and Claire were in their pyjamas, with water bottles and slippers, the second they were both dressed ready for the beach, Bob even had, a six foot inflatable crocodile, I never laughed so much, but that’s Bob & Claire, we are so honoured to have know Bob and even prouder to call him our friend, you shall be missed so much but will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Coming through the airport will never be the same. Enjoy your new adventure Bob and don’t forget to cause havoc there, RIP Bob love you xxx

Beyhan Kazin Bob, my sweetheart, one of a kind if you were sad he knew how to make you laugh it seems like I knew him all my life we use to dance at the market laugh and joke it was in possible not to love that guy, I don’t know how to say it you have to live it he is one person you could never forget or be forgotten he will alway be part of my heart and soul he will alway be around Claire and Bob were two wonderful friends it seem like I knew them for years … Bob will never be gone it’s just we won’t be able to see him he will be watching us

Bob & Claire with CESV
Bob & Claire with CESV

Sue Kirby There were many funny times during the first aid training sessions, often supplied by Bob & team Tatlisu. Bob and Claire have both given a lot of their time and energy for various causes. I’m remembering the time Bob drove the “lambulance” in the convoy of emergency vehicles down to the harbour for the accident scenario, and on Claire’s video of the event Bob can be heard chuckling away in the background.

Sheila Lane Always a smile and encouraging words from Bob, except when driving and then he would really let you know what he thought of the other drivers  Well done, Claire for fulfilling Bob’s dream xxx

Bez Chatters My first meeting the two of you in Cuba, what a laugh. Especially with Bob and myself winning that dance competition. As everyone else has said, so many memories, especially getting a bike shoved into my car, with a wheel off, to bring back home from West Hartford. Car was crammed full to the roof without that and Bob saying “Yes, it WILL go in” and it did ha ha. Xxxx

Sally Gabb I didn’t know Bob well, but whenever we met he always had kind words of encouragement for me, even though he was suffering himself. I am very saddened by his passing.

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