November 26, 2022

By Trevor Hughes……

Using UK Driving Licences in the TRNC

A one of our readers was stopped by the police for a roadside check, the other day. The officer asked for the driver’s documents, which he produced without fuss. The officer noticed the driver could only produce a UK driving licence and when questioned how long the driver had been over here, he replied two years. The officer informed him that because UK Driving licencethe driver had been over here for more than 90 days, he must apply for a TRNC driving licence and gave him one month to produce it at his local police station.

Now here’s the “RUB”. The driver cannot make an application for a TRNC driving licence unless he has made at least one Temporary Residence application, which he has never done. Thinking because he was over 60 years old there was no requirement. WRONG!! Anyone living or holidaying here for more than 90 days in any one year must apply for at least one Temporary Residence, irrespective of their age.  Going over the border or leaving the Country to get an additional 90 day’s stay, does not work. This diver could have some difficulty with his application for a driving licence in the one month period he must produce the licence at his local Police Station, because a Temporary Residence application usually take more than one month to complete.

I know of a large number of people are carrying out this practice and have got away with it for some years; these are the lucky ones, try telling that to this unfortunate driver!!


I needed to take my wife’s car for its three-yearly MOT last week. I had been told by a number of people the MOT station person was being particularly belligerent and demanding 4 mud flaps fıtted, all lights and indicators working, hand break no more than 4 clicks and the engine nice and clean. Well, our car ticked every box except the tyres which in his opinion none of them were considered to be legal. I had no option but to purchase 4 new tyres, which I purchased from “Pit Stop” in Catalkoy,MOT Test Centre who questioned why was I needing a full set of new tyres as all of them were within legal limits?

If you are unlucky enough to come across this rather rotund “job’s worth” person, beware, he may cost you money you had no intention of spending.

If your engine does need to be cleaned before its MOT, Tijen garage next to our Dagli Sigorta office in Karaoglanoglu will clean it for only 30 TL.

If you need to purchase new tyres, all Dagli Sigorta customers can benefit from a 10% discount for new tyres, from “Pit Stop”, which also covers their full range of services/products. [You will need to show your current Dagli Sigorta insurance policy to qualify]

Property Boundary Walls

If your boundary walls get damaged as a result of a road traffic accident and you intend claiming on your insurance, you will need to call the police to validate your claim. Failure to do so may render you claim unsuccessful.

TRNC Driving Licence Renewals

The cost of renewing your driving Licence is as follows,

2 years   225.5 TLTRNC Driving Licence specimen

3 years   303 TL

5 years    457.5 TL

10 years   755 TL

There is no longer a 1 year driving licence other than your initial driving licence application.


Monday to Wednesday 0830 – 14.30

Thursday 0830 – 12.30 and 1400 – 16.00

Friday 0830 – 14.30

Foreign Cheques

You may wish to check with your bank as to whether your bank will cash a non TRNC cheque because Turk Bankasi is not!!!

Anti-Tetanus Injections

As we are all getting older, the need for a reGet your Flu shotgular anti tetanus injection becomes increasingly more and more important. Our local chemist in Karsiyaka [just pass the coffee shop square going outwards from Girne] will do the injection and supply the vaccine for only 20 TL, for a flu vaccine injection the cost is the same.

Window Blinds and Curtains.

We recently purchased some window blinds from “RMS” blinds located on the main road in Alsancak. Their shop is on the sea side opposıte Almond Vıllage sign. Their quality and speed of service was excellent and were also punctual for their appointments. All Dağli Sigorta customers can benefit from a 10% discount when you show them your current Dağli Sigorta Policy.

British Medical Laboratory

This clinic is offering Dağlı Sigorta customers (only), some very special discount deals.

They have currently got ISO 2005 accreditation for blood testing analysis, and are waiting ISO on their report writing. Once they have achieved this accreditation all reports will be in English and the results meeting UK standards and recognition. This means that visiting the UK for blood testing will not necessarily be needed. You will also save precious time having the tests carried out in England and then having to wait even longer before seeing your specialist. İf you have your specialist contact details or clinic, in the UK, why not send your test results via their e. mail address, speeding up your appointment over there, because they may be able to familiarise your condition before you go?

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month. But remember, Government Offices, Local Government offices, Banks and some shops will not be celebrating New Year’s Day by having a day off because the 1st of January 2017 falls on a Sunday.

8 thoughts on “North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for December 2016

  1. Dear Trevor. Two weeks afo I tried to apply for residency permit but refused after being sent by Girne Police to Nicosia who sent me back to Girne Police. They got quite annoyed and told me that as I don’t own or am.buying a property that no permit will be issued. They instructed me to operate the 90 day rule. Now I have a vehicle here and stay here approx 6 wks then go to UK for 2 wks, and so on, how am I going to be looked at re driving licence? If no permit is entertained, I’ve no chance. Catch 22.

    1. Hello Gillian,

      When you apply for a temporary residence permit you first need to obtain a Muhtars letter and to do so you will need to show proof of residence in the TRNC in the form of a property kocan or rental agreement. You will also be required to show bank statements proving you have sufficient funds to support yourself. Depending on your age you will also have to have a number of medical tests.

      Without these elements, you cannot apply for a temporary residency permit.

      We note you say you have a vehicle here which should be registered against your passport as proof of ownership plus to secure insurance for the vehicle you would need to show proof of having a TRNC driving licence.

      1. Dear Trevor
        I did all of what you say but the police looked at all,the documents, rent agreement, bank statements, letter from Muhtar. They were clear, no ownership or plan to purchase property here, no permit. I have been told that the authorities here change their mind as and when, so,it hinges on what the criteria is on the day you apply.

        I have car insurance and my UK driving licence was accepted without any queries or instruction that I needed to do anything.

        Being here is like being on a merry go round, go here, do this or that, only to find that I am sent back to square one, usually after paying to obtain whatever documentation and copies and nine of us have a vottomless pit of funds.

        I despIr as all I wanted was to be doing everything correctly and abide by the rules. But how can you, when the rules are up in the air?

      2. Hello Gillian,

        It seems you are having problems when there should be none.

        Whatever you say the police are telling you, may we suggest you take all of the documents to the Lefkosa Immigration office which is where permissions are given and then they should be able to clarify the situation for you.

      3. Hello Trevor
        Thank you for your advice. I have done everything you advise and it’s the same result. Maybe it is luck on the day as to,what the rules are but I despair at trying to,be legitimate in this wall of red tape from the authorities. Nicosia was worse, they didn’t even check their computer to see when I entered TRNC, they just took it from the last stamp on my passport. At least the police did check their computers and know that I am abiding by the 90 day maximum stay which I never use, always leaving a good 10-21 days before. I don’t know what else I can do having tried all methods that should be appropriate. A solicitor said they would help me but of course, for a price! Thank you Trevor, I just thought I’d let you know that things change here on the spin of a coin. Maybe I try again in 2017 and see if the rules have changed again.

      4. Thank you again Gillian,

        Every day expats are granted temporary residency permits at the Ministry of Immigration so if you have completed all of the steps and have all of the paperwork in hand, if you visit this office and present same they will either grant your application or tell you why it is refused.

        Best wishes

  2. One of the problems with dealing with officialdom here is the form filling and waiting around, plus the fact that many of the systems are still paper based……There are also some “myths and legends” that other other UK residents may tell you (based on out of date or inaccurate information), these are best taken with the proverbial pinch of salt!

    Earlier this year (after getting my residency permit) I applied for my first TRNC driving licence. Lots of Brits told me I would ‘only be allowed to have a 2 year licence to start with.’
    Yet when I got to the office and filled in the form I ticked the ’10 years’ box. They accepted this, I handed over my 755TL and picked up my licence 2-3 weeks later. Obviously the cost for a 10 year licence is much less per annum than the shorter options. Plus you only have to meet the other qualifying criteria each time you renew.

    Just after I got my licence I was stopped in a police document check, so I was glad I had applied or it. BTW the police also asked to see my insurance. None of them spoke English but I was able to say ‘sigorta evdedir’ (my insurance is at home). They expect you to have your insurance with you in the car. Since then I have photocopied and scanned my motor insurance, and I keep the original in the glovebox of the car, juts in case I’m stopped again. A Turkish Cypriot friends told me that quite a high proportion of cars here are uninsured, so every so often the traffic police have a bit of a ‘purge.’ It may not be what we’re used to England, but given the accident statistics here, it is in the interests of everyone that lives here.

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