May 30, 2023

By Margaret Sheard……

The 13th November will be Remembrance Sunday where in many parts of the world services are held to pay respects to those who lost their lives in World War 1 and the many other wars and conflicts throughout the world over many decades.Old British Cemetery

In Kyrenia, North Cyprus, there will be a service at The Old British Cemetery where there are Memorials to the 371 British military personnel and 21 policemen who lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency 1955-59.

At the Kyrenia Remembrance Service we will see many Cyprus veterans (over 40 this year) who make the journey every year to join others to pay their respects to the fallen, in some cases friends they served with who did not get to go home and are now laid to rest at Wayne’s The Cyprus Police Memorial at the Old British CemeteryKeep.    I always find this to be a very emotional experience, especially as having adopted the TRNC – Northern Cyprus as my homeland I have become very involved in a lot of the stories of these Cyprus veterans and the time they spent here as very young men doing their British National Service back in the 1950’s.

Lest We Forget – a very touching phrase – but still wars rage in various parts of the world and sadly there seems to be no end to conflict.    At least the Remembrance Services which are held each year give people a chance to reflect on the stupidity of the human race and politics.  Maybe one day there will be Peace throughout the world.

We have received 2 poems from London based Bob Scott, also a Cyprus veteran, which are very fitting for the forthcoming Remembrance and you may like to read these – Minute’s Silence click here and The Veteran’s Prayer click here


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  1. kyreniaatkin! A very moving and thought evoking article with reverence and passion.

    AS WE WILL REMEMBER ONE! AND ALL. R.I.P. Bob Scott 1956/59.

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