May 31, 2023

By Chris Elliott……..

The following SMS  news message was received from the internet service provider, Multimax which has sent to their customers in Northern Cyprus today as part of their policy of keeping customers updated on service issues and also showing good customer care and service.

“Saturday 5th November 10:45

We have just got word from TTNET that they are undergoing  maintenance to their internal setup, as well as some issues with the fibre  lines to Russia and Austria

We expect intermittent  speeds especially with TV streaming until resolved

Thank you for your patience.”


Well done Multimax keep up the good work!



6 thoughts on “Multimax keep their customers updated on service issues 5th November 2016

  1. Whilst I agree that it is useful to be informed that the cause of a poor or non-existent internet and/or television service is at the ISP and not with the television company or our own equipment, I can not bring myself to call these frequent experiences ‘good service’. I have been receiving these messages for at least two YEARS (the oldest such message in my ‘phone memory is October 2014) and they seem to be arriving with increasing frequency. During just seven days last month, I received five apologetic messages from Multimax, yet the service continues to deteriorate. We pay a premium price for this service and are entitled to expect something more than text messages.

    1. I hear what you say Ray and applaud you for staying with Multimax as a loyal customer but we have to understand that all ISP’s route their internet traffic across to Turkey to TTNet where problems can occur which will effect us all and are not necessarily obvious.

      Even the weather can effect transmissions and there is no solution to that.

      So what option do we have? Internet traffic through the RoC to wherever?

      Not really they won’t even agree to combine mobile phone systems so perhaps we can just blame our IPS and when the strain gets too great then change for another ISP.

  2. How many weeks has this been happening? Good customer service would be notifying customers AND rectifying the problem.

    1. OK Hector so are you a Multimax customer? if not, does your ISP keep you updated regarding service problems?

      In a comment on a previous article about Multimax you were somewhat critical of TRNC internet services so we are repeating our reply’

      “OK so the penny has dropped Hector and now you are perhaps realising that many problems facing ISP’s in the TRNC are caused by issues in Turkey through which our internet traffic flows so why keeping bamging the drum and says this or that ISP is better than another when you are not acknowledging what some of the problems are.

      Perhaps you may find the internet better in the south but then that is with-held like a joint mobile system so you don’t have a choice but to keep changing your ISP if you are not happy with the internet service provided.”

  3. Just received this message today.

    “We will be increasing the prices of our services as of the 1st of January 2017 by 20%. This is a result of both the need to keep investing in our distribution network within the TRNC and the significant fall in the value of the Turkish Lira vs US Dollar and Euro currencies. If you wish to renew your service before the new prices come into effect as of the 01st January
    2017 your are more than welcome to do so.”

    Last time I checked I paid my subscription is in TL. So Multimax has over the last year has been receiving more USD, EUR and GBP for the TL I have paid them. If they want to increase their network within the TRNC they should call on their shareholders, not their customers. We all know that service has been up and down for the last year, “due to circumstances beyond Multimax’s control, TTNet etc etc”. If Multimax had said that they were increasing the prices to bring a better service to their customers, then good on them, but I guess I will now have to pay more and still getting the apologetic text’s telling me something I already know. 20% increase for what?

    1. Thank you for your comment Steven,

      No one is happy with a price increase and we cannot comment on this, but Multimax do give good customer service.

      This week we have seen very flaky internet and judging by comments made on Facebook this seemed to be widespread.

      A couple of days ago we received 2 SMS messages from Multimax apologising for the internet outage and in the first one saying they had a problem with Telecom and in the second a short while after telling us the the fiber optic cable in the Catalkoy area had been damaged and would either be repaired or replaced.

      Talking to friends about their experiences internet experiences they were telling us they had to phone their ISP to find out what the problem were. Clearly sending SMS messages to customers cannot be cheap but it is a sign of good customer service which surly is worth paying for.

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