December 10, 2022

By Trevor Hughes……

Replacement Vehicle EnginesMOT Test Centre

If you are in need of changing your car/van engine, you must inform the Vehicle Licensing Office in Lefkosa when it has been done and then take the vehicle to the Girne police station for a new MOT test.

Failure to do so could invite a significant amount of problems for you at some time in the future.

Vehicle Related Documents

I have recommended to readers on many occasions, that you should photocopy all your car related documents and keep the originals at home and in a safe place. But it seems only a few take heed.

Well, a few weeks ago one of Dagli Sigorta customers wrote his/her car off due to a road traffic accident. The claims department quickly got into action and authorised full payment to be raised.

The amount due to the customer amounted to several thousandCar Insurance Lira. To complete the process is the same as selling your car and you need to produce all the original car related documents to complete the transaction. Unfortunately, not all the documents could be found, consequently no payment could be made. The owner of the said car spent many an hour seeking the help from the various official offices, all to no avail!!!!

If only he/she had photocopied the documents, as recommended, he/she would not have been faced with the possibility of not receiving any money for the vehicle what-so-ever.

A First in the Home Insurance Business!!

To help you all realise the need for greater home security, Dagli Sigorta are now offering, to their customers, a further 10% discount on home insurance.Burglar Bill

Although the number of burglaries here is nowhere near that in the U K, the number of reported home crimes is significant higher than at any other time in the past.

You don’t have to make your home like “Fort Knox” all you need to do is have some relatively simple security devises fitted which will deter the low life trying to break into your home.

Ask Dagli Sigorta for information about this discount facility. Tel 0533 844 3403.

Remember, if the Police Authorities cannot identify areas of forced entry in all probability your insurance company will decline your claim.

End of British Summertime?Clock

As yet there is no change regarding NOT putting the clocks back this month. Keep this in mind if you are flying from Larnaca airport.

Flu Jabs 

It’s that time of the year again, when flu jabs are available from chemists.Get your Flu shot The chemist in Karsiyaka will also do the intramuscular injection for you for 20 TL which will save you time going to a clinic for them to do it for you.

Late Night Chemist Rota

Click heer to view but subject to change.

Bayram Holidays

Bayram Holiday this month is on Saturday 29th October.


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