December 8, 2022

By Engin Dervişağa…….

For my Vox Pop show this week I went with my camera team to the Buyuk Han in Lefkosa to meet a fascinating group of people who refer to themselves as being the “Frozen Cypriots”.

The first person  I talked to was Eren Erdogan who had travelled all the way back to the TRNC from Melbourne in Australia to meet with some of the members of the Frozen Cypriots Facebook group who just love to exchange photos and other information about Cyprus Heritage from the past, so that it may be preserved for future generations. Please click here to visit this page that Eren founded that has an amazing 6,345 members.

Eren Erdogan a Frozen Cypriot

Eren is a Turkish Cypriot and he left Cyprus after the turbulent days of the 50s and 60s to join his brother and sister in Australia in August 1970 to start a new life which he will tell us all about.

With Eren on the visit back to their motherland Cyprus, is his elder brother Sermen Erdogan who tells us more  of their past lives in Cyprus and making new lives in Australia and their passion shared by so many lovers of Cyprus, which is to preserve and share its heritage. As many readers will remember both Eren and Sermen have published many fascinating articles on cyprusscene as the erdoganfamily2.

Sermen Erdogan a Frozen Cypriot


It is perhaps no surprise to learn that I also talked to our very own Chris Elliott to find out how cyprusscene became involved with the Frozen Cypriots and their wish to tell their story and their love of Cyprus to our readers and the viewers of Vox Pop on BRT2 television.

Chris said that he was first approached by Eren who asked him how they could find a childhood friend and Chris said write about it which they did, click here and shortly after that, Sermen contacted Chris with great delight and said they had made contact with their childhood friend Margaret Archibald and another article was published by the two united friends click here.

Chris Elliott a Frozen Cypriot

Looking back at these events and others that have followed, Chris explained that through the cyprusscene website, by publishing articles, they have been able to bring so many people together after many years and he was delighted to have made firm friendships with a good many people including Eren and Sermen through these activities.

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    1. Thank you Debbie.

      We try very hard to develop stories and articles you will not find elsewhere in North Cyprus media which is why so many folk are now sending us their news for sharing through our websites and social media sharing.

      It’s hard work but helping folk is what we are all about.

  1. Great to see Eren and Sermen being interviewed by Engin. Lovely story and an amazing group totally dedicated to history and culture minus the politics

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