By Chris Elliott…….

Over the past few years I have become a friend of Roy Oswick and he has written many fascinating and often humorous accounts of his military service experiences much to my delight and so many of our worldwide readers.

Sadly Roy has developed a number of medical conditions and in recent weeks he has had to be hospitalised on a number of occasions and his wife and family now find it necessary to have him repatriated to the UK as his wife Gloria explains below and we hope you can help by clicking here and donating to a gofundme account.

Please help repatriate Roy Oswick to the UK


My husband, Roy Oswick, served in the Royal Military Police, during which time he served in Cyprus for 3 years and when our time for retirement came we decided to make our home in North Cyprus and have lived here since 2007.   Roy has a proud history of service in the armed forces and has fought many battles in his 22 years of service to his country.

Unfortunately, some 4 years ago Roy had a stroke and pneumonia and since then his health has deteriorated despite excellent care at local private hospitals.   Each time we thought it would be the last and we could get on with our lives, but this was not the case and consequently this has resulted in our nest egg diminishing due to the frequent hospitalisation.

I am asking for help to raise funds to pay for an air ambulance to fly Roy back to the UK for further medical treatment. Roy has been in ICU in Nicosia, North Cyprus for the past two weeks. The cost of his life saving care has now totally exhausted our savings and we can’t afford to keep Roy in this hospital. Three weeks ago, Roy was admitted to the Kolan hospital with a thrombosis. He was treated but then internal bleeding was identified, the cause of this being a tumour on his colon. Complications followed and an ileostomy has been performed. Roy has also undergone a tracheostomy to assist his breathing. Roy remains on mechanical ventilation in intensive care while I and the family, try to raise funds to get him back to the UK.

Roy has undergone so much but remains a fighter. This is his toughest battle to date and we are asking for your support to get this tough and independent man home to the UK as soon as possible.

If anyone can help with a donation, no matter how small, so that I can achieve this, I would be truly grateful.

Thank you,

Gloria Oswick