December 6, 2022

Words of the Week 35/2016

David “Avocado” Wolfe

David WolfeDavid “Avocado” Wolfe is a raw foodist, author, Flat Earth theorist, promoter of alternative medicine, and spokesman for the NutriBullet. He has focused much of his attention on the sourcing and production of raw chocolate.

Wolfe has authored and co-authored several books promoting foods and offering diet advice. Wolfe has been the spokesman forNutriBullet since its inception, and has appeared in several infomercials promoting the product. Wolfe also promotes supplements and organic food. The company he co-founded, Sacred Chocolate, produces and markets organic, raw chocolate…. He has done work in establishing sustainable, organic cacao farms in Ecuador….

In 2004, Wolfe starred on the reality TV show Mad Mad House regularly as the naturist “alt”, alternative lifestyle practitioners who served as hosts and judges for the contestant “guests”.

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