December 10, 2022

By Margaret Sheard……

When visiting the Gardens of Irini a little while ago to attend a photography exhibition of Jay Wadams, he told us of the book which was to be published for Deidre Guthrie who had come across the writings of her father John Guthrie and which she was very keen to have published for others to read about her family’s life for many years in Bellapais.   Deidre can still be found at the Gardens of Irini where you can relax with a cooling drink and a snack high up in Bellapais in her delightful garden.

On Thursday 8th September 2016, the book “A Bell in Bellapais” was launched at Bestseller Bookshop in Karakum and Deidre was there to carry out book-signing for the many people who had arrived to acquire a copy of the wonderful story told by her father.


We were greeted by Jay Wadams and Markus (Max) Betzmeier-Wadams who had been very involved with the preparation of the book.   Max told me that they had recently set up a publishing house, MBW Publishing Enterprises, in their hometown of Munich, Germany, and they were so pleased to have the opportunity of handling Deidre’s book which is their first enterprise and they will also shortly be printing a cookery book currently being written by Jay.   Good luck to Max and Jay with their new enterprise.


Jay welcomed the large group of people who had come to the book signing and introduced Deidre who read a short passage from the book and this was followed by a Bellapais resident and author, Paul Davis, who also read two further passages.    Jay is a wonderful photographer, as we have seen from his exhibitions, and he had produced with Max an image of the cover of the book which they presented to Deidre.


We noticed a portrait of John Guthrie and asked Deidre john-guthrie-at-around-24-years-oldabout him.  She told us he was born on South Island, New Zealand which he left at the age of 18.   The picture showed him at the age of about 24.

As is normal at this type of event, there were many familiar faces and a lot of conversation and Deidre was kept very busy signing many books for a large number of people.

I am just starting to read the book and am sure it is going to be very enjoyable learning of the Guthrie family’s life in Bellapais all those years ago.  My review of the book “A Bell in Bellapais” will follow in the near future.

A Bell in Bellapais is available at Bestseller Bookshop, Karakum and through Amazon UK.

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