Message from Carole King and Sue Tilt……..
Help Those With Cancer Association Tulips…….


Hello Readers

Today Tuesday 6 September Sue and I, along with Raziye Kocaismail, President of Help Those With Cancer Association/Tulips were invited to Onder Supermarket to meet Ahmet Sanver, owner of Onder Markets and the ahmet-sanver-imageAtlex Sanverler Secondary School.

Ahmet Sanver presented us with a cheque for 10,000TL for our Step Out for Tulips campaign, which is running during the whole of September and requires Sue and I and all our other Steppers to walk 10,000 steps per day.

Ahmet Sanver when told by Raziye what the campaign was all about wanted to donate 1TL for every step of our first day. What an amazingly generous man he is.  What a fantastic donation to us to help Tulips Cancer Patients and we would like to wholeheartedly thank him for his support for this campaign and also for his generosity for previous Association events.

With many thanks and best wishes to everybody who try to help the Tulips cause.

Carole King and Sue Tilt

Sue Tilt, Ahmet Sanver, Carole King and Raziye Kocaismail