December 10, 2022

By Engin Dervişağa…….

For this week’s Vox Pop show, I went with my camera team to Çatalköy to Michael de Glanville and Engin Dervisagameet Michael de Glanville who was born in Cyprus. Qualifying as a Petroleum Engineer in the UK he travelled to various countries. He was also a hang-glider instructor in France and after a serious accident Micheal decided to take up and provide breathwork and massage therapy in France. He moved to North Cyprus in 2002 with his wife Viola Edward and they live in the village of Catalkoy.

The Watsu Session

Michael also provides Watsu and to begin a Watsu session, the receiver learns how to surrender into the rhythm of the Water Dance that is created by their breathing as they float on their back in the shallow warm water pool. The Watsupractitioner then gently moves the floating person around in the water in a flowing rhythmic way, creating folding and extending dynamics through gentle contacts at the back of the neck or under the small of the back or behind the knees. The conditions created by floating, warm and weightless, with eyes closed and ears submerged can be reminiscent of the pre-natal experience of the foetus in the womb as the mother goes about her day. During the session, the body can easily be stretched or folded and gently twisted as it floats, relaxed and unrestricted in the water. The neck, arms and legs reveal their holding patterns and release tensions to become like seaweed flowing with the movements through the water. As the session proceeds, the receiver gradually moves into a deep and nourishing peace of mind and body, as the memory of receiving unconditional care and attention while immersed in the warm safety of the water, works its healing wonders.

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