Gladys Marjory Elliott 98 going on 99, Rest in Peace

Gladys Marjory Elliott – Rest in Peace

Yesterday the 29th August was my birthday and a day of reflection.

I reflected on Saturday 27th August when I held my mother’s hand for the last time when she perhaps could not feel my touch or hear my voice as I said I love you and kissed her goodbye.

Sadly we will not be together for what would have been her 99th birthday in September 2016.

Her journey in life took her from Hackney in East London where she was born to meet with my father Frederick Alfred Elliott and spent most of their lives happily together in Walthamstow, North East London and had 3 sons Clifford, myself and Clive.

When we need true friends we need look no further than our mothers and for that I am truly grateful and will continue to do so as my mother would have wished and that is to help others.

Rest in Peace Mum

Chris Elliott

Rest in Peace Mum

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  1. Oh Chris I’m so sorry to hear your news, Let her rest now – she has good company now and didn’t you look like your mum x so sorry

  2. A wonderful tribute to your mother Chris. Ultimately we all live on borrowed time, the legacy we live behind is what counts. I’m 100% certain your mother left you all happy in the sound knowledge that her love was returned in full. RIP