June 1, 2023

By Claire Lamb……..

As many cyprusscene readers are aware at the end of the school term we held a wall painting and BBQ day for the children at Ziyamet special needs school.  As the children ended their school year on a high we thought it would be nice for them to start in a similar fashion.

Watching the children enjoying their 6TL toys and musical instruments gave me an idea.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the children had a new toy all of their own when they come back to school?  It was heartbreaking seeing how these children were so thrilled at being given something new but many of these families have no money to spare for such things.

Give a child a toy 1

So, we’re asking that those who would like to participate buy, on their next trip to Mr Pound or out shopping, either a toy, a musical instrument such as the tambourine or the “flute”, or even a bag of sweeties to the value of 6TL which can be dropped off at collection points at either Funky Divaz in Girne, Sea Breeze bar and restaurant in Kucuk Erenkoy or contact Claire Lamb on 05428787111.

The children are a mix of ages from 6 to 16, boys and girls.  These will then be distributed on the first day back at school in September. Seeing the rapture on their faces when blowing bubbles, playing the tambourine or chasing a ball is a memory I won’t forget.  6TL to most of us is neither here nor there but to these children it means a little piece of happiness.

Give a child a toy 2

5 thoughts on “Give a toy to a Ziyamet special needs child

  1. Hi Claire….I am familiar with the Ziyamet school, as we of Children in Need Foundation visited with Steve Collard last year. I am sure we can help with this….please give me a call on 0533 879 6892 at your convenience…cheers Laurence

  2. Thank you so much for your offer of help Laurence.. Now life has gone back to normal(?) here I’ll ring you tomorrow.

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