December 5, 2022

By Tracy Sedgwick…….
Kyrenia Animal Rescue – KAR…….

As an organization totally dependent on donations and contributions from KAR supporters, it is animal sponsorship that maintains a much needed regular monthly income for KAR.

Jim Gillett and Tina Harwood are regular visitors to Northern Cyprus.  This year they came on holiday with their three foster children, Liam (17), Mathew (14) and Kieran (13).  Unfortunately Jim is very allergic to dog hair and so the family cannot have a family pooch.

Jim and Tina understand the importance of ‘pet education’ for children and felt that their boys should be given every opportunity to interact with animals and understand pet care.

During their holiday the Gillett’s have made several visits to our animal rescue centre near Arapkoy.  Their first impression of our centre was how caring and committed our staff are, especially Elaine our centre supervisor.  Jim couldn’t believe how hard the staff worked in the current searing heat.  When the family arrived for the first time at the centre one of our dogs had been bitten by a snake and Elaine was treating him, Jim said “the care Elaine and the staff were giving him was amazing, their compassion is commendable”.  The Gillett’s were also impressed how clean, well equipped and organised the centre was.

One of the first dogs the family took for a walk was ‘Hunter’ a lively lovable Doberman type.  Kieran immediately struck up a relationship with Hunter and now they are firm friends.

Keiran Hunter Tina and Gloria

Besides Hunter, our leggy attention seeking ‘Gloria’ was also walked by the family.  Tina loved her and her need for one to one attention which Tina was only too happy to give.

 ‘Mango’ a boxer type dog was also walked by the family.  Mango with his loving nature became another firm favourite of the family.  Sisters, ‘Megan’ and ‘Maddison’ were also taken for a walk with the family, however, Megan wasn’t that enthusiastic in the beginning so Elaine then Kieran carried her until she was comfortable walking with the other dogs.  Tina said “Megan was fine once she passed the other dogs”.

Mango Maddison and Megan

Tina mentioned that Mathew didn’t like being out of his comfort zone, however, ‘Grandma’ our experienced dog helped him overcome his anxieties, Tina said “It was amazing how Matt came out of his comfort zone, he really enjoyed the walk”.

Seeing our centre first hand and witnessing the hard work our staff perform every day to make sure all our animals are fed and well cared for, made a lasting impression on the Gillett family.  It was decided to sponsor the dogs they had walked and to give their lasting support to KAR.  The family sponsored five dogs in total. This is an amazing contribution to our centre and KAR are very grateful for their generosity.

Grandma leads Mathew
Grandma leads Mathew on a guided walk

The family will be returning to the UK soon and would like to raise further funds for KAR.  Tina told me that one goal in her life is to climb Kilimanjaro and she would like to use it as an opportunity to raise funds for KAR.

If anyone would like to visit our centre, it is open 9am –  1 pm / Monday – Saturday. Or if you want to sponsor one of our cats or dogs please have a look at our website click here  or contact me (Tracy) at our KAR office – Tel 0090 533 8694098 or email


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