TRNC News 10.8.2016 Ozgurgun seeks settlement that supports TRNC economy and security

Özgürgün seeks settlement that supports TRNC economy and security

Speaking in an interview to Turkish news channel Haber Turk, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has stressed that any potential settlement must support the TRNC’s economic and security interests.

“We are seeking a settlement where the TRNC will have a strong economy and the security of the Turkish Cypriots is safeguarded. We do not want a settlement at all costs” he said.

Ozgurgun interview

He added that a solution will be possible if the Greek Cypriots share the same intentions as the Turkish Cypriots, and that the Turkish Cypriot side has been at the negotiation table in “good faith” for many years.

Mr Ozgürgün also stated that the Turkish Cypriot people want to keep Turkey’s guarantee and that a bi-zonal solution based upon the political equality of the two constituent states is possible.

In relation to the water brought to the TRNC from Turkey via the pipeline project, the Prime Minister said that the current government had swiftly solved the crisis involving the distribution of the water shortly after coming into office.

He said that most parts of the country were already benefitting from using the water.

The Mediterranean Strategic Research Centre delegation is in Hungary

The Mediterranean Strategic Research Centre (MSRC) delegation is going to Hungary to represent the TRNC at the Hungarian-Turkish Turan Congress between 10-15 August.

Mediterranean Strategic Research

The Congress is jointly organized by the Parliament of Hungary, the Hungarian government and the Hungarian Turan Foundation.

During their visit in Hungary, the delegation for the MSRC will meet with the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Hungary, Sandor Lezsak.

The 14-person team is headed by the MSRC Chairman Mehmet Aldemir. The Director of the Youth Department Gencay Eroğlu and the folk dance team also form part of the delegation.

İskele Municipality Folk Dances Group represented TRNC in Holland

The İskele Municipality Folk Dance Group has represented the TRNC in Brunssum in the Netherlands at the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals’ (CIOFF) World Festival Parade.

Iskele Folk Dancers

During the opening of the festival, a 3 minute introductory film about the TRNC and İskele was shown.

In addition to 10 groups from the Netherlands and the TRNC’s group, groups from Brazil, Congo, Albania, USA, Ireland, Mexico, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, Martinique, Hawaii, Guinea, Nepal, China, Tatary, Indonesia, Peru, Chile, Russia, Togo, Romania, Ivory Coast and Russia (Kamchatka) attended the festival.

The İskele Folk Dance Group was described as a “model group” by the Chairman of CIOFF in the Netherlands as well as the Head of the Festival Committee Helene Van Laanen-Hendriks.

The group has also received invitations for many CIOFF Festivals which are to be held next year.

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